Wednesday, July 15, 2020

MAMA vs MDRA Shootout at Doublin Gap MX

It was another great showing for the 2020 annual combo race between these two great motocross racing organizations that compete here in the Mid Atlantic region of the country. Over 900 entries for the two days and some of the best racing we've seen all year.

The future of the sport is bright - the Junior Mini divisions have seen some of the 
biggest turnouts this season.

Numbers have been great in the youth classes this year. From 50cc right through the Supermini divisions, the turnouts have been strong so we hope its an indicator that the sport is on a long awaited rebound.

Below see our race report from Brapp Mag Contributor - Lexi Thompson of LT Photography:

            On July 11-12th, riders from both MDRA and MAMA met at Doublin Gap MX Park near Shippensburg, pa to face off for the overall win in their annual series shootout.  
            The gate dropped for the first moto of the 50cc Open Limited (4-8) class, propelling all 23 riders off the start. The number #67 of Bryce Danenhower on a KTM shot off the gate quickest and came around the first turn in the lead, earning the holeshot position. Danenhower remained in the 1st place position for the race’s entirety and was able to cross the finish line with a large lead in front of the second place of Christian Johnson on the #665, who was able to continuously climb his way up in the pack through the moto after starting in the 5th place position.
#100 of Talon Hill was behind the leader Danenhower, coming through the first lap, but as the race continued on, he fell back into the 4th place spot, where he finished the first moto. Hill’s descent made it possible for Johnson and #285 of Ethan McLaughlin to surpass him and round out the podium in the first moto.
As the last lap was underway, McLaughlin was still holding down the 2nd place position. The gap between him and the 3rd place position of Johnson was getting smaller and smaller by each passing lap. In the final seconds of the moto McLaughlin was passed by Johnson on the final jump of the race, who was able to cross the finish line with a miniscule gap between him with McLauglin behind him.
The ruts were deep, reaching heights of the small bikes’ front fender. This caused many riders to tumble over in the deep turns, allowing the positions to be constantly changing for the duration of the race. Danenhower was among the list of riders that nearly got caught up in the ruts around the sweeping turns, but was able to keep it on two wheels, earning the #1 spot for the moto.

The second moto of the day would see more great battling between these tiny contenders with Danenhower again racing for the win. See the top five overall finishers below.

Bryce Danenhower races to the O/A win.
Photo by: LT Photography.

1. Bryce Danehower
2. Christian Johnson
3. Talon Hill
4. Reagan Ryan
5. Cooper Rhoades

See more great photos from LT Photography by:   Clicking Here  

As I mentioned above the mini classes are red hot this year with great racing and great numbers at the gate - check the results link below to see how all your favorite racers faired - but first take a look at the 50cc Shaft class winner below.

Brapp Mag Super Fan Peyton Hollomon goes 2-1
to win the O/A in the 50cc Shaft class - check his form below.

Keep scrolling to see more great racing, results and photos from this awesome racing weekend. Please remember that a big part of what we do also takes place "off the track". A huge thanks to both these racing organizations, their sponsors and especially the racers for providing an environment for fun and growth for people of all ages.

Having fun playing - pound the stump.

I'm not sure what the crew from Fred's Garage was cooking up.

Gavin Blake #12 leads the Unltd. 2 C/D racers to the checkers.

VPE Racing's  Brayden Karpulk was on the gas all weekend long. 
Did we mention it got muddy - lol.

Photo by: Cody Darr

See more great photos from Cody Darr by:  Clicking Here

Vinny Luhovey would be your top Open A guy on the weekend. 

Click Here for race results

Find race results from both days of racing by: Clicking Here

Check out over 2000 Brapp Mag pics from the weekend by: Clicking Here

The crowds definitely lined the fences for this annual two day event, We had tons of great racing go down, the weather was beautiful and a great time was had socializing off the track. If you're looking for a great activity to get your family into - then check out both of these great racing organizations.

It would be the MDRA retaining the shootout title for 2020 but in the end, does it really matter. The experience and family time experienced by all was priceless. Thanks MAMA and thanks MDRA for all you do.

Get more info on MAMA by: Clicking Here  

Get more info on the MDRA by: Clicking Here

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