Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Spring is Coming - So What Next

 I don't know about you, but I am excited to get right into it. I know I'm a little early, as the official start of the season isn't marked on our calendars until March 21st, but we've had a cold and icy winter here in the PA Wilds and we're ready for a break.

Traveling thru West Branch Township today.

The weather had us fooled about a week ago as all the snow melted off and the temps rose into the 50 and 60 degree ranges. We were making plans for the weekend when Mother Nature struck again. We saw about five inches of snow mid week followed by another half foot coming into the weekend.

A typical scene outside our home, all winter long.

The extended forecast looks good the next couple of weeks as we head into the start of Trout Season. The Fish and Boat commission has made some changes this year however and opening day falls on April 2nd statewide.   

You can get more details by: clicking here

The Pine Creek originates in Potter County and is one of Pa's most fished trout streams.

It also attracts thousands every year for canoeing and kayaking and the 

Pine Creek Rail Trail originates near us in Tioga County and travels south 62 miles.

Get more details on the rail trail and the Pine Creek Gorge by: clicking here

Trout season is always a sign that spring is coming here among many other things. Today we decided to take a drive and soak up the warm weather and look for game. It was a tough season for the deer and other animals to find food with the solid ice that blanketed the ground for most of the winter. You know however when you see the deer in the field in the middle of the day - that spring is on its way.

We spied this big guy one evening last fall, 
today in the same location we found a herd of doe grazing. 

There are tons of things to do here in #godscountry this spring. We have the Susquehannock State Forest System which has an 85 mile hiking loop and is also home to one of Pa's longest ATV and UTV trail systems. In addition, most townships have opened their dirt roads adding hundreds of miles to the system.

A group of ATV riders last fall in Potter County.

The dual sport and adventure bike riding is terrific here too as long as you have a street legal bike.

Get info on the PA Route 6 Motorcycle Loops by: clicking here

The area is home to many state parks that offer miles of hiking, swimming, mountain biking, camping, kayaking and fishing.  In addition Cherry Springs State Park is rated one of the best night sky observatories on the east coast. Any wonder they call it Gods Country.

You can also venture over into Tioga County if your thing is boating, several large lakes grace the area that do allow motor boats that support fishing and skiing.

Get more details about Cherry Springs by: clicking here

Bring your camper for a fun family outing in the great outdoors

As you can see whether it be spring, summer winter or fall, the area offers just about something for everyone. I don't know about you, but I'm getting excited just thinking about it. Please check with the local authorities on time specific seasons and please make sure you take everything out of the great outdoors that you carried in with you.

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