Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend Race Report - Kevin Crine Memorial Race

An AMA Featured Event, the 6th Annual Kevin Crine Memorial Race went down this weekend at Budds Creek MX in Mechanicsville, MD. There was a full schedule of events planned for the weekend including a Saturday Dash for Cash, AMA Motocross Racing and an honorary banquet and band sponsored by the Crine Family and Traders MX Racing.

Coty Schock (319) won the DFC on Saturday that had a total of over $1500 on the line including 
the $200 Brapp Strapps sponsored Holeshot award that went to Justin Rodbell (58).

The event started on Friday offering open practice to the racers in attendance plus evening Pit Bike racing. Check out the short video below to get some of the details then scroll thru the blog to learn more and link to more video and images from the weekend.

This was the first year as an AMA Featured Event with a $4000 Pro Am Purse and racing for all AMA classes. Motos started on Saturday with the plans to continue through on Sunday. The Budds Creek track was in top notch shape to begin the weekend but Mother Nature would have her say as the rain began to fall on Saturday evening while the band was playing at the Kevin Crine Banquet.

Traders Racing sponsored the evening banquet to celebrate Kevin's life and the racing 
public brought side dishes to hold a feast fit for any King or Queen.

Miss Katie Benson who travels the AMA national circuit was on hand to show the 
ladies around the Budds Creek course.

Pro Action Suspension is a regular sponsor of our race reports and has supported 
first year AMA Pro Coty Schock his entire racing career.

If you need your suspension tuned or upgraded give Rees Firestone a call at: 856.204.2195

And make sure you check out our interview below with Coty from Budds Creek.

Below Nitro Circus front flip man Greg Duffy rides Kevins last national bike in a tribute to his 
life on Sunday morning in the pouring down rain.

Make sure you check out the Moto Tech Travis Pastrana Pro Challenge
at Pleasure Valley Raceway next month. 

With over $20,000 on the line.

Traders Racing Max Sanford wins the 250 Pro Am division.

Traders Racing mechanic Tony Archer shows he still has skills 
winning the Open Pro Am.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekend Race Report - Doublin Gap Yamaha All Star Pro Am

Mother Nature finally shined down on us this past weekend for the Yamaha All Star Pro Am held at Doublin Gap Motocross Park every September here in good ole' Pennsylrainia. $10,000 was on the line between the Pro Am and 125cc All Star divisions as one man would come away with the lions share of this phenomenal purse.

Big gates and big ruts were the theme for the weekend.

Take a peak at the short video below to catch some of the racing action then scroll thru the rest of the blog to find links to all images and results from the rest of the weekend, including that always awesome Barbie Jeep racing.

This Yamaha Sponsored event has been taking place for over 15 years now at this facility in south central Pa. Its always a great time and the crowds are always large with this year being no exception.

Barbie Jeep racing is always one of the highlights of the weekend.

No Barbie Jeeps here but many great exhibition events like 
best smelling two stroke and best whip contest

Click the link below the image or text 717.278.8998 for details

Classes are offered for young and old alike.

Big Roy Bowlin would lay it all on the line to win the adult division.

EVO works miracles on that motorcycle suspension - maybe Big Roy should
hit him up for some jeep mods next year.

Give Jeremy a call at 717.665.0406

Tanner Cromleigh races to the win in 50cc (4-6) Stock.

Preston Masciangelo (22) travels from Brantford, ON Canada to win 85 (9-11) B.

KTM rider from Tenn. Elliot Barber would be your top novice on the weekend
taking second in Open C and winning 250 C.

Check out Schaeffers Motorsports for all your KTM needs.

Click the link above or give them a call at: 570.968.4336

This event is always a great time to come hang out and have a great time racing and hanging out with your track family. Its also a great opportunity for the expert guys to take home a pile of cash. This years event would be no exception and with $10,000 on the line the pros were in the house. $6000 for the Pro Am classes and another $4000 for the 125cc All Star race.

Joey Crown (center) wins both motos in the Saturday All Star race.

Brad Espers would win that race truck at the Sunday morning riders meeting.

Joey Crown from Metamori, MI would be the man to beat sweeping all expert divisions.

42 Open A guys and Crown comes out on top.

Speaking of money on the line make sure you get the Moto Tech Travis Pastrana
Pro Challenge
in your Oct. schedule at Pleasure Valley Raceway.

Thanks to all the great sponsors from this past weekends event.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Weekend Race Report - 48th Annual Michaux Enduro

The racers of the East Coast Enduro Association take on Mother Nature and win. The South Penn Enduro Riders hosted their annual fall enduro in the Michaux State Forest battling all odds and pull of a another great event.

33 Rows started the event - 97 riders in all. 

Check out our short video recap below then scroll down to link to all event images and results from the day.

Several inches of rain fell once again in the days prior to and during the event. This area that was already saturated is a favorite to many and this event is in its 48th year here. Special thanks to the DCNR for cooperating with the club and letting them hold the event in these conditions.

More riders leaving the start at the Big Flats ATV Trailhead.

Rees Firestone has been an authorized Pro Action Dealer since 1999.

Click the link above or give him a call at: 856.204.2195

Riding an enduro can be good fun - sign up with your buddies and compete together.

They say the powerline was a mud fest near the top - wishing I would have made the hike.

If you aren't racing at Juniors Farm on 9/22-23 - you may want to check out the 
2 T Shoot Out at Sleepy Hollow.

Click the link above or text 717.278.8998 for details.

Love that trail at Michaux.

Love the ECEA riders too - somebody always gives me a nice wheelie shot.

Ed Emery is your 2018 Michaux Enduro Grand Champ.

Check out Schaeffers Motor Sports for all your KTM needs at the link above

or give them a call at: 570.968.4336

And another ride comes to an end.

Next up for the ECEA

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Family OHV "Destination Riding" In The Northern Tier

I've been riding in the dirt now for nearly 50 years. Most of my life has been spent riding two wheels but most recently our family has discovered the fun and adventure in OHV or UTV / ATV riding, especially in what I call "destination riding".

This crew that we met from Berwick, Pa logged 111 miles on a day trip riding from
the Potter County Family Campground to Deb's Cross Fork Inn and back 
located in Clinton County.

As I mentioned above I've spent most of my life either riding or competing on two wheels at either closed course events or off road riding areas. Not that there is anything wrong with that as I still participate at those levels and enjoy it greatly. But what we've discovered recently takes me back to my child hood where you could just open the garage door and go, the days gone by where you could spend a day riding and actually go somewhere, can anybody else relate?

Last year we joined and got involved with the Central Mountains ATV Association and I'm so glad we did. I became aware of this group due to my event coverage work in the Motorcycle and ATV industry and I knew they were making great strides in helping open up riding areas in the state and we wanted to learn more about that.

It was here that we did our first "destination riding" in many years and we were hooked instantly.

My family and I set up and ready to ride from the Potter County Family Campground.

Our first big journey with the group took place last New Years Eve when we covered 90 miles in three degree weather to ring in the new year. We departed the Quiet Oaks Campground in Clinton County at 7 pm that night, stopped for dinner at Debs Cross Fork Inn and ended up riding in three different Pa counties before we returned back to our cabin rental to thaw out by midnight- what a blast, literally.

Click the logo above to grab yourself a spot at Quiet Oaks Campground and go on your own destination ride.

This past weekend we wanted to introduce more of our family to the experience so we invited our daughter and her son along who celebrated his 7th birthday with his first side by side ride in the great outdoors of Potter County Pa that is known as Gods Country.

You know what - I think they are hooked too.

Click Here to check out how our friends from Schaeffers Motorsports can help you reach your off road riding destinations.

Our destination ride wasn't as long this weekend as it is on some others. Number one we were introducing a young 7 year old to his first off road experience, and number two, he knew there were gifts waiting for him back at the cabin. 

Aiden got his first lesson on how to read an actual map and he then helped his pap 
find our way to our next destination.

From our location at the Potter County Family Campground we could have picked a few different destinations to travel too but as I mentioned on this day we were out for a short trip. We loaded up our Yamaha Wolverine X4 and headed for Lyman Run State Park. 

Here you and your family could spend the day doing any number of great family outdoor activities. The park offers swimming from a sandy beach, canoe rentals, fishing, hiking, a snack bar and the best part, it's available from any number of locations from around a tri county area  in your OHV vehicle.

Did I mention the views available here, talk about wide open spaces.

Arriving at the entrance to the park off the 43 mile Potter County ATV Trail System
that accepts up to 65" wide vehicles.

As you can see the fun is endless here and there is nothing like getting your family out in nature to leave the hustles and bustles of daily living behind. Please subscribe to our blog or our newletter if you'd like to learn more and keep up with the many Outdoorz adventures that we plan to embark on. please see the links below and feel free to contact us anytime.

After we arrived home I asked a youngin who celebrated his 7th birthday in Gods Country what his favorite part of the weekend was. I was expecting this gift or that, maybe the Foxes Pizza we found in Galeton or the new friends he played tag with from the cabin next door.

Nope, it was none of that - he simply said, riding the side by side pap. 😎

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