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2019 LL Qualifier Dates Announced


2019 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship Area Qualifiers and Regional Championships dates announced.

First Area Qualifier kicks off Feb. 9

Click here to download a high-resolution photo of the start of a moto at the 2018 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship (credit: Ken Hill):

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PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The American Motorcyclist Association has announced the AMA Area Qualifier and Regional Championship Schedule for the 2019 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, presented by Lucas Oil.

"The AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship is the premier amateur motocross event in the United States, and the AMA is looking forward to getting the qualifiers for the 2019 event underway," said AMA Motocross Manager Alex Hunter.

"The AMA has worked with MX Sports for more than 35 years to provide a highly competitive and exciting path to determine which motocross racers will compete for an AMA National Motocross Championship," Hunter said. "We will work diligently to ensure competitors and their families are provided excellent tracks and facilities at each qualifying event."

AMA Area Qualifiers are the first step in qualifying for the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, held July 29-Aug. 3 at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. The first of 54 Area Qualifiers begin in February and run through the end of May. Racers of all ages compete in various engine displacement classes, from 50cc to 450cc, in the hope of advancing to a Regional Championship.

The AMA Regional Championships then serve as the next step to seed riders into the annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship. Only riders who finish in a qualifying position at one of the 13 Regional Championship events are eligible to race the national championship at Loretta Lynn's Ranch.

"This is one of the most exciting days of the year for AMA motocross organizers and racers," MX Sports Director Tim Cotter said. "The day the AMA Amateur National Qualifying schedule comes out is much anticipated. This year's schedule is highlighted with several new venues and many traditional tracks and organizers."

The AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship is one of the longest-running motorsports championships in the country. The AMA launched the national championship program in 1975. That year, a series of regional races qualified 135 riders in three classes -- 125cc, 250cc and Open -- for the championship round in Baldwin, Kan. In 1982, the AMA partnered with MX Sports and the event moved to its current location at the Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. There, the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship continues to crown the country's top amateur motocross racers every summer.

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2019 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship Schedule

AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship
July 29-Aug. 3: Hurricane Mills, Tenn.: Loretta Lynn's Ranch

Northeast Area Qualifiers
March 16-17: Mechanicsville, Md.: Budds Creek
March 30-31: Danville, Va.: Birch Creek Motorsports Park
April 6-7: Englishtown, N.J.: Englishtown
April 13-14: Hedgesville, W.Va.: Tomahawk MX
April 20-21: Southwick, Mass.: The Wick 338
April 27-28: Seward, Pa.: Pleasure Valley
May 4-5: Wallkill, N.Y.: Walden MX
May 11-12: Axton, Va.: Lake Sugar Tree

Northeast Regional Championship
May 25-26: Mt. Morris, Pa.: High Point (Amateur)
June 8-9: Shippensburg, Pa.: Doublin Gap (Youth)

Southeast Area Qualifiers
March 2-3: Gainesville, Fla.: Diamond Back
March 23-24: Blountville, Tenn.: Muddy Creek Raceway
March 30-31: Washington, Ga.: Aonia Pass
April 13-14: Pell City, Ala.: Mill Creek
April 20-21: Travelers Rest, S.C.: Travelers Rest MX
April 27-28: Jacksonville, Fla.: WW Ranch
May 4-5: Dalton, Ga.: Lazy River MX
May 18-19: Henderson, N.C.: North Carolina Motorsports Park

Southeast Regional Championship
June 1-2: Gainesville, Fla.: Gatorback (Amateur)
June 15-16: Hamer, S.C.: South of the Border (Youth)

Mid-East Area Qualifiers
April 13-14: Rossville, Ind.: Wildcat Creek MX
April 27-28: New Vienna, Ohio: East Fork MX
April 27-28: Altamont, Tenn.: Fast Farms MX Park
May 4-5: Nashport, Ohio: Briarcliff MX
May 11-12: Bloomingdale, Mich.: Dutch Sport Park
May 11-12: Sebree, Ky.: Echo Valley
May 18-19: Newaygo, Mich.: Big Air Motocross
May 18-19: Livingston, Tenn.: Thunder Valley MX

Mid-East Regional Championship
June 1-2: Buchanan, Mich.: RedBud MX (Youth)
June 22-23: Millington, Mich.: Baja Acres (Amateur)

North Central Area Qualifiers
March 16-17: Maize, Kan.: Bar 2 Bar MX Park
April 6-7: Garwin, Iowa: Oak Ridge MX
April 13-14: East St. Louis, Ill.: Archview MX Park
April 27-28: Casey, Ill.: Lincoln Trail Motosports
May 4-5: Tigerton, Wis.: Motozone
May 11-12: Little Falls, Minn.: Little Falls Raceway
May 18-19: Walnut, Ill.: Sunset Ridge MX
May 25-26: Mount Carroll, Ill.: MC Moto Park

North Central Regional Championship
June 8-9: Millville, Minn.: Spring Creek MX (Amateur)
June 15-16: Byron, Ill.: Byron Motosports Park (Youth)

South Central Area Qualifiers
Feb. 16-17: Amarillo, Texas: Bowers MX
Feb. 23-24: Ponca City, Okla.: Ponca City
March 2-3: Conroe, Texas: 3 Palms Action Sports Park
March 2-3: Lakewood, Colo.: Thunder Valley Motocross Park
March 9-10: Yantis, Texas: Johnsonville MX Farm
April 6-7: Norman, Okla.: Oklahoma Motorsports Complex
April 27-28: Kemp. Texas: Underground
May 4-5: Tyler, Texas: Swan MX

South Central Regional Championship
May 25-26: Centreville, Miss.: Farm 14 (Amateur)
June 8-9: Wortham, Texas: Freestone (Youth)

Northwest Area Qualifiers
Feb. 23: Marysville, Calif.: Riverfront MX Park
March 30-31: Richland, Wash.: Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex
April 14: Tooele, Utah: Steadman's MX
May 11-12: Shelton, Wash.: Ridge Motorsports Park
May 25-26: McCleary, Wash.: Grays Harbor ORV

Northwest Regional Championship
June 15-16: Washougal, Wash.: Washougal MX Park (Youth/Amateur)

Mid-West Area Qualifiers
Feb. 24: Marysville, Calif.: Riverfront MX Park
March 2-3: Tulare, Calif.: DT1
March 31: Delta, Utah: Bunker Hill
April 6-7: Porterville, Calif.: Porterville OHV

Mid-West Regional Championship
June 1-2: Rancho Cordova, Calif.: Prairie City OHV (Youth/Amateur)

Southwest Area Qualifiers
Feb. 9-10: Buckeye, Ariz.: Arizona Cycle Park
March 2-3: St. George, Utah: SGMX
April 6-7: Porterville, Calif.: Porterville OHV
April 27: Riverside, Calif.: Milestone MX
May 11-12: Moriarty, N.M.: Sandia MX @ Moriarty

Southwest Regional Championship
June 8-9: Pala, Calif.: Pala Raceway (Youth/Amateur)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Stevie's First Race - Brapp Mag Fiction

For racers, family and fans of all ages - please read and pass it along in the hopes of growing the sport we all love. By: Jim Bull -

It was Friday night, about three minutes to midnight, and Stevie Warner lay wide awake staring out his bedroom window at the bright night sky.  Stevie had gone to bed hours ago, along with his big brother Jake who was sound asleep in the bunk above.  Stevie just couldn’t manage to drift off to sleep.

No wonder Stevie thought, Jake had been racing for over a year now, he’s used to it.  All Stevie could think about was getting to the race track and how the big day was almost here.

It had been three months now since his Grand pappy Miller had brought it home.  The bright red motocross bike he had been wanting for years.  Stevie had been riding and practicing on it every spare minute he had.  It seemed like forever until he could get home from school to ride.  Then there was the homework, and then supper, and you can’t forget about the chores.  Finally, any spare daylight, and you could find Stevie out on the families practice track with his dad, Tom Warner learning the basics of motocross racing.

Stevie’s dad Tom was a semi-pro MX Racer and he owned the local motorcycle shop in town.  Stevie had been around motorcycles and racing all his life, most weekends you could find the Warner family traveling across the state to one race track or another.  The whole family enjoyed the time that they could spend together on the weekends doing what they loved to do, and that was racing motorcycles.

Stevie kept telling himself, “Go to sleep, go to sleep.” But as hard as he tried, he just kept thinking about when the gate was going to drop, or what gear did dad say I should be in to start.  Steve thought to himself, “I bet I’ll catch more air on that table top jump that Jake does, boy am I gonna show him.”

“Stevie, wake up!”  “Huh…..?”

Stevie’s mom, Jane Warner, thought to herself, “I knew something like this was going to happen.”  Steve had been so excited about his first race, she knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

“Stevie,,, wake UP"  “What?  Huh?  Is it time mom?”

“Yes, get moving kiddo, everyone else is already done with breakfast, let’s go.” “Sorry mom, I couldn’t get to sleep.  I tried, and I tried, I even think Jake was snoring and that sure didn’t help things.”

“Honey, your brother doesn’t snore, it was probably just your father out in the garage.  He was working on the race bikes until after midnight.”  “Well, maybe it was dad, yippee mom!,,, come on, let’s go!”

Jane Warner was the back bone of the whole Warner racing team effort.  Yes, her husband Tom worked long hours at the shop taking care of his customers, but Jane was the one who kept the race schedules in order, kept all the gear clean, and also made sure there was plenty of food in the motorhome to feed the whole Warner crew for the weekend.

Jane was used to going to the races, that is where she first met her husband Tom.  Janes dad was a racer too, so she spent a lot of time at the race tracks when she was a girl. 

“Let’s go gang,” Jane yelled through the house, “we have a four hour ride ahead of us.”

The Warners piled into the motorhome one at a time.  Pap Miller was already in the driver’s seat, Jake and Stevie’s dad Tom were just finishing up loading the gear, and Stevie’s mom was coming out of the house with her arms full of last minute items they needed or their trip.

“Dad, did you strap my bike down really good?” Stevie asked. “Yes, son,,, your bike will be fine.” “Well I hope so, I don’t want anything happening to it before I get a chance to race it.”

“Relax little brother,” Jake shouted from the back of the motorhome, “You’ll get the first chance to crash it up tomorrow morning when you hit the track.”

Stevie thought to himself, “Great,,, I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight, either, just one more day till I get to show them who the best racer in the family really is.”

Usually, the Warners didn’t leave until the morning of the race.  But this weekend, they were racing at the Shady Run MX Park over on the East side of the state.  It was a long drive and practice started early Sunday morning, so they decided to leave a day ahead of time.  Besides, Stevie couldn’t wait to get there and get ready for the biggest day of his life.

The Warners arrived at the track late on Saturday afternoon.  Stevie was the first one out of the motorhome and he was rip roaring to do everything at once. “Come on dad, lets unload the bikes,,, no,,, let’s go get signed up,,, Dad?,,, did you remember the race gas?”

“Hey, settle down there partner, sign up didn’t even open yet,” chuckled Stevie’s dad. 

The Warners all had a job to do.  They had all been to the races hundreds of times before, but today was a little different than other race days.  It was about to be Stevie’s first race and they all gave Stevie a little extra attention, even Stevie’s big brother Jake.

That night around the camp fire, the Warners talked about Stevie’s first race.  About how exciting it was going to be, and how well he was going to do.  Pap Miller told race stories about the old days when he used to race and about the time when Stevie’s mom, Jane entered a race.  Pap Miller had told that same story many times before, but the whole family listed like it was the first time they had ever heard it.

“OK gang, it’s time for bed.  Everybody,,, and I mean EVERYBODY has a BIG day tomorrow.”  Jane Warner commanded.

Stevie was anxious to go to bed, he knew the sooner he could get to sleep the sooner the morning would get here.  As Stevie’s mom tucked him into bed, they talked about how much fun the next day was going to be and they both fell asleep lying there dreaming about Stevie’s first race.

The race day started early at Shady Run, and Stevie woke up to the sound of race bikes revving and the smell of freshly made pancakes.  Stevie was always up early at the races helping his dad Tom get the race bikes ready to go.

Tom Warner wasn’t racing today.  Tom usually rode in the Veteran class reserved for riders over 30 years old, but today was Stevie’s big day, and Tom decided to sit this race out.

Stevie jumped out of bed and got dressed in less than a minute.  As he headed for the front door of the motor home he was still trying to get his sneakers on.  Stevie’s mom yelled from the kitchen, “Get over here Steve, and eat some breakfast.”

“But mom,,,,!”  “No buts Stevie, you’ve waited this long, 15 more minutes is not going to kill you.”  Just about that time Stevie’s dad Tom came through the front door laughing, “Listen to your mom son, you need a good hot breakfast to get your day started right.”

“But dad,,,,”  Stevie pleaded,,,,  “Let’s eat some pancakes son, then we’ll go get you signed up.” “OK dad,”  Stevie sighed.  ‘This is killing me’ Stevie thought.

After breakfast the Warners headed to the sign up shack, it was the longest walk Stevie had ever had to take.  It seemed like they bumped into everybody they knew along the way.  Stevie’s dad was very popular and well liked at the track.  He always had spare parts along and was always willing to help a fellow racer if they were having problems with their bike.

Finally, Stevie and his big brother Jake were signed up for their races.  Tom Warner had gotten up early and did his final check over on the race bikes and everything was ready to go.  All there was to do now was to go out and walk the track and then wait for practice to start.

Tom Warner always walked completely around a course the day of a race no matter how many times he competed there.  It was something his father had taught him, and it was a practice he was determined to pass down to his sons.

“Come on Stevie,” yelled Jake, “we’re going to walk the track.” “OK” Stevie yelled back, “wait for me!”

As they walked around the track, Stevie was so excited.  He explained to his dad and his brother how far he was going to fly over each jump on the course.  Ten year old Jake asked his dad later, “Did I act like that my first time dad?”

Tom Warner smiled and replied, “worse then that, Jake!” ‘No way,’ thought Jake.

The Warners got back to the motorhome and Stevie was in his gear in no time. “Let’s go dad” he yelled, “practice is about to start!”  “OK son,,, relax,,, we still have about an hour to wait.”

Tom Warner tried to remember his first race.  He wasn’t quite as young as Stevie and it had been many years ago.  As his memories came back to him, he realized at just that moment how big of a deal this must be to Stevie.

“OK boys, let’s go.” Tom said. Stevie’s mom Jane looked at her husband as she pointed to her watch. “Let’s be the first ones in line for practice today.”  He said.

“Yippe!” yelled Stevie, as he ran over to his bright red race bike, “it’s time!”

Stevie’s big brother Jake also realized what his dad was doing as he thought back to his fist race just over a year ago. As they sat on the line waiting for practice to start, Stevie’s dad was going over last minute instructions with him.  They were talking about gears and jumps and making sure Stevie’s helmet was tight.

“Dad?,,, is it time yet?”  “10 more minutes son,,,” as they both smiled from ear to ear. 

Stevie’s class was the first one to practice.  His group had about 20 riders in it, many first timers themselves.  They had 10 minutes to go out and get familiar with the Shady Run course. 

Stevie was the first one out on the track.  Tom and Jane Warner were both nervous and excited, their baby boy was about to grow up just a little bit more. Stevie came out of the gate and headed for the first corner.  “Yippee!” he yelled, “finally I’m a racer!”

He powered his little red race bike through the corners and over the jumps.  He went around and round the course getting more confident with each lap.  Stevie was doing very well, just as his dad had expected.  He had been riding for quite a while now, and Stevie had listened to every word his dad had said.  He had been a good student.

Stevie came off the track from his practice just as he had started, in first place. “I won, I won!” he screamed, “I beat them all dad.” 

Stevie’s pap Miller and his mom smiled, they knew it was just a practice.  But to Stevie, it was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his entire 8 years of his life.

“I won dad,,,, I did it!”  “Yes son,” Stevie’s dad said, “you did great! Remember though, it was a practice session.  It wasn’t the actual race.”  “I know dad,,,, but I did real good, didn’t I???”

“You did fantastic son,” he said smiling back at him, “now let’s get ready for your first moto.”
Stevie’s race was the 5th race in the schedule for the day, so they had some time to spare.  Jake was racing right after him in the 6th race, so pap Miller was going to help him.  Stevie’s dad was going to help Stevie to the gate, since it was his first race.  The anticipation built as the day wore on.

The fourth race of the day had just left the gate when Tom Warner looked at Stevie and said, “It’s time.”  “Yes!” yelled Stevie.

He had been sitting on his bike with his helmet on for the last 15 minutes. This time out would be a little different than Stevie’s practice.  This time all the riders would line up on a gate beside each other and would wait for the gate to fall before they would all race to the first corner 50 yards away.

As Stevie pulled up to the gate for his first race, he started to get a funny feeling deep down in his stomach.  ‘Boy, this was different,’ he thought, ‘in practice they were all lined up behind me’.  Stevie looked to his left, then his right, there was that Davey Johnson.  He was the kid that wins a lot.  There were 17 other riders in his class and Stevie wasn’t sure what to think at that moment.  Stevie’s dad looked at him and asked, “Are you feeling a little funny, right about now, partner?”

“Yeah, dad, how did you know?  My stomach feels weird, it’s a little scary.”  “Relax Stevie, can I tell you a little secret?”  “Sure dad,” Stevie said, “but make it fast.”

“I still get that same weird feeling every time I pull up to the gate.”: “Even now?” Stevie asked, “you’ve been racing forever!” “Even now son, after all these years.”

Suddenly Stevie had a feeling of calm come over him as he realized that his dad was just like him. “Are you all ready?” Stevie’s dad asked him as he patted him on his back.

“Yeah dad” Stevie said, “I’m ready.”  Tom Warner backed away from the gate as the 30 second card came out.  Stevie knew from being at the races, that when the 30 second card came out, the gate was about to fall.  Stevie’s dad Tom had told him, “As soon as the card gets turned sideways, keep your eyes on the gate”.

And that’s exactly what Stevie did, he looked down with his stomach all twisted up in knots and within seconds that gate began to drop.  To Stevie, it seemed like slow motion.  He had waited so long for this moment in time and all the sudden, it was here.

The gate hit the ground with a thud, and Stevie twisted the throttle.  He could see Davey Johnson out of the corner of his eye starting to pull away towards the first corner.  Stevie yelled, “Oh No You Don’t !” and got on the gas even harder.  As Stevie and the rest of the Pee Wee Class reached the first corner, he realized that his stomach was no longer in knots, and that he was finally doing what he was born to do, and that was to race motorcycles.

Davey Johnson was leading the pack.  But Stevie was only a few riders behind.  The race lasted for three laps and Stevie was able to work his way into a 5th place finish.  He pulled off the track happy that he had finally got to ride his first race but still feeling a little disappointed that he couldn’t catch that Davey Johnson.

Stevie’s mom and dad met him as he was coming off the track.  Stevie could see his grand pappy Miller over by the gate with Jake giving him a big thumbs up.  Stevie’s dad Tom patted him on the back as he told him what a great job he had done.  Jane Miller was just as excited that Stevie had done so well in his first race.

“But dad,,,, I only got 5th,” cried Stevie, “you win almost every week!”

Tom Warner smiled as he began another life lesson with his youngest son.  “Stevie”, he said, “I raced for three whole years before I got a 5th place finish.”

"Really Dad?” Stevie replied. “You bet son, you did fantastic.  Now let’s go get the bike ready for your next race.”

That night as the Warners were driving home, Stevie lay in the back bedroom of the motor home sound asleep.  Jane warner said to her husband Tom, “I bet he hasn’t slept this well in days.” "You’re right,” replied Stevie’s dad.

Stevie had done exceptionally well for his first race.  In his second moto of the day, Stevie finished second behind Davey Johnson for a second overall finish for the day.  He had won a trophy that was 3 feet tall, but most of all, he proved to himself that he truly was part of the Warner racing team.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

SRT AMA East Hare Scramble Series Final Rounds

Round 10.5 of the SRT AMA East Hare Scramble Series.

Beta goes for the 1-2 Punch at Rd 10.5 
11-04-18 Monticello NY

Round 10.5 of the SRT AMA East Hare Scramble Series.  We call this 10.5 as it was Round 4 that was re scheduled in between Rounds 10 and 11, hosted by NETRA's Tri State MC.  

Beta USA was there with a vengeance this past weekend.  Racers Brian Dussault and Kyle McDonal would take 1st and 2nd amidst a gander of the best the East Coast has to offer.  17 AA racers from as many as 4 different series showed to do battle for both AMA East and NETRA year end points.  

Netra top dog Nick Kordana aboard his KTM kept the two honest by chasing them to the checkers. Just over two hours, all three with sub 19 minute lap times.  Kordana, a member of the Stateline Trail Riders represented his club and NETRA well.  Leading for the five laps was NETRA - Jay Day favorite Brendan Riordan. 

Riordan aboard his Yamaha clearly had the fastest lap times.  Unfortunately the brutal course took its toll.  Spoke to his mechanic who advised his 3rd gear went south and created havoc in the tranny.  Forced to pull off early but still managed 13th.   The big news however came from the Overall winner Beta's Dussault who on the 1st lap was in dead last position.  Dussault had to endure and pick his was through the pack of other AA racers.  No easy task by any stretch of the imagination.

Furthermore, the seven mile ski mountain course was definitely geared more towards a 4 stroke weaponry.  If you brought a 2 stroke, you brought a knife to a gunfight.  Fortunately for Dussault, no one told him.  2nd place McDonal also on a Beta would take 2nd place and at the same time received the coveted AMA East Hare Scramble Championship Hare Scramble #1 plate.   Great Job Tri State MC and NETRA for a great event.

Top 10

Brian Dussault - Beta
Kyle McDonal - Beta
Nick Kordana - KTM
Jeremy Anthony - KTM
John Kelly - KTM
Jonathan Ackley - KTM
TJ Dexter - KTM
Layne Dutlinger - KTM
Chase Gosselin - KTM
Jordan Altibani - KTM

In the morning C Event it was case of the smallest bike with the greatest ambition. Saturday’s O/A Youth winner Brayden Nolette aboard his Husky 105 wowed them by winning the C morning event aboard the same bike. Brayden now goes by “Doble’ Nole ’”.  Brayden will be racing for Trail Jesters for 2019.

In the Jrs and Pee Wee 50 heats, those kids would take the brunt of the foul weather.  Two inches of rain the night before was pooled throughout the track.  In addition 30 mph winds were keeping many of the youth families at home.  Regardless there were several in attendance. 

In the Jrs class it was Ryder Sigety aboard his newly acquired YZ65.  Dad has that bike dialed as Ryder would lead his class but also pass the 10-11 65's.  Ryder was presented with his AMA East HS #1 Plate today as he cinched the title with one round remaining.  In the Pee Wee 50's it was WNYOA regular Kooper Kinney abaord his KTM taking the overall and class win.

Nov 11, 2018, Millville, NJ, Round 11 of the SRT-AMA East Hare Scrambles Championship Series

Well the series has come to a close and I can honestly say that this was a great year for manufacturers of Chains, Sprockets and Brakes.  Every event this year was affected by either Heavy Rain or Snow.  The rain fall this season set all kinds of records in the Northeast.  One round had to be cancelled, One round had to be re-scheduled and one round we are not allowed back due to the damage caused by not re-scheduling.  I want to say thank you to all who qualified for year end points.  OK, nuff said.

There was no shortage of action at Round 11 hosted by District 6 Sports Association at NJ Field of Dreams.  Heavy rains on Friday caused the promoter to shorten the course due to flooding.  The six mile course was now a five mile course and many of the Youth and C event trails had to be re-used. 

In the Main event it was SRT's Wild Wally Palmer with the hole shot and immediately began to pull away from the pack.  As always, Wally would do it with style and put on a show with his aerobatics.  The 1st 1.5 miles was the NJ Field of Dreams modified National Track.  From there, the racers would head into the woods for a 2.5 mile sand and mud trail.  Although the course lacked any single or tight trails, the promoter utilized very few straightaways.  On lap one Wally would emerge 1st with Kyle Mcdonal right on his fender.  the battle was between last years #1 and this years #1 plate holders (McDonal locked it up last weekend).  In 3rd place it was Trail Pros Billy Schlag 12 seconds back.
This would continue for several laps until Justin Lafferty would make the pass on Schlag. 

Unfortunately while the AA's were doing battle with each other, A 250 racer Mike Beeler Jr would begin working his way through the A Open pack and then started to do battle with the AA racers.  By lap 5 he was 3rd place overall.  On lap 6 Mcdonal would make a pass on Palmer and take the lead for several laps until a broken clutch plate would drop him back and eventually out of the race by lap 11.

Palmer would regain the lead with Beeler and Lafferty in an all out battle for 2nd.  On the final lap it was Palmer, Lafferty and Beeler (Top A Rider). 

Top 5

Wally Palmer - HSQ
Justin Lafferty - KTM
Mike Beeler Jr - KTM
Matthew Davis - Yam
Corey Daughten - KTM

In the C event it was the Youth racers in the Schoolboy and C-200 that would set the pace early on.  Schoolboy 2 Racer Hunter Cleveland would pass the front row and emerge from the woods in 1st.  Behind him was Trevor Kibler and Julian Wojcik from the Schoolboy 1 class.  this would remain for several laps until  Cleveland was forced to pull off with bike issues.  Now the battle was between Wojcik and Kibler.  3rd place was Ian Weisman from the C-200 class.  Weisman who just graduated from the youth classes as well.  After 1.5 hours it was Wojcik, Weisman and Liam Langer from the C-250 line.

Top 5

Wojcik - Suz
Weisman - HSQ 
Langer - YAM
Baltimore - HSQ
Kibler - Sherco

Top 3 Youth

Max Fernandez - KTM
Caleb Baltimore - HSQ
Julian Wojcik - SUZ

Top 3 Juniors

Hunter Garner - YAM
Braden Meyers - YAM
Mason Taskanikas - KTM

Top Pee Wee 50cc

Enzo Zaccaria - HSQ
Nick Moretti - Cobra
Luke Harding - KTM

Kenny Held
AMA Off Road Commissioner
AMA East Hare Scramble Coordinator

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Taking It To The Streets with the AOAA and Dons Cycle

I was doing some testing with Yamaha a few weeks ago at the AOAA Trails when my long time friend and park manager Dave Porzi says to me - Shamokin officials want us to bring our riders downtown to patronize the local businesses.

Over looking the town of Shamokin from the trail above from our Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT.

So I asked Dave, when are you doing this? His reply was, well were scheduling 12-18 months out here for events but they want to pull it off this year yet to see if it can be a permanent thing. So whala, out of the hat comes another rabbit from the folks at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.

The turnout for this event was phenomenal and shows that the riders want legal places to ride and they are willing to support if financially. 

It was like an answer to a prayer - finally the goal were all looking to achieve. A system similar to the Hatfield and McCoy system in WV, the same system the CMATVA is working towards in Upstate Pa with their North Central ATV Initiative. The same reason why the land was awarded to the AOAA in the first place, to drive the local economies though off road riding. 

Getting ready to leave AOAA lands and work our way towards town.

Riders rode too and parked downtown while patronizing the local businesses. 

Having some lunch downtown at a pizza shop.

Hundreds, maybe even over a thousand riders came out for this event. My friend Jim who is a member of the PA Trail Advisory committee got to talk with some of the founding city officials who helped make the AOAA a reality as well as the mayor of Shamokin and they were all pleased as well as humbled. 

The mayor said that he hadn't seen this many people in the town in years for any reason and that he hopes to see more of this in the future. This was no small feat so we'd like to thank all the city officials, business owners and the residents of Shamokin as well as the staff from the AOAA and an army of volunteers who helped pull it all off. Most importantly the riders who came out and stood in line to get registered and left their time and dollars behind to help support what we would hope to be the future of off - road riding in the state of Pa. 

The AOAA offers riding on thousands of acres in Northumberland County, Pa. and is less than three hours drive from Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City.

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You can ride just about anything with wheels and a motor at the AOAA.

This Mule Pro FXT got the job done well at the AOAA.

A special thanks to Dons Cycle in Hellam, Pa for getting us out on the streets and trails for this event in this 2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT. This 6 seater machine worked phenomenal out on the trail and I would recommend to take a look if your in the market for a new machine.

Stay tuned for a full review coming up in the next issue of Brapp Magazine.

Give Dons a call at 717.755.6002 or click the link above to go to their website

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