Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ox Bo Hare Scramble Round 4 ECEA/AMA- D6 - TPS

Team Perfect Storm
Oxbow Hare Scramble Round 4 ECEA/AMA- D6
May 19th 2017

This week’s race brought once again, not so great weather. What was supposed to be a nice
partially sunny day turned into yet another grey cloudy drizzly day. These Perfect Storm kids
are tough! This weather made for some slick slippery conditions. Even still there was no
shortage of action.

Julian Wojcik  (#99) 1st Place 12-15 85

A phenomenal, come from behind with Caleb never giving up. 7th place on the 1st lap, more than 4 minutes behind the top 3 and makes his way up to 3 on the final lap. Julian and Cate lead their classes the entire race and made it look easy. Ricky showing he is now a force to be reckoned with a 6th place against the fastest youth on the east coast. We are looking at a top 5 or better for Ricky at years end. Kenito taking desperate measures to get around slower traffic was forced to make his own trail and lodged a stick in between his shifter and engine cradle leaving him to try to get around the last lap stuck in 4th gear. The clutch finally gave out on the last lap in 9th pl. 

Vince from the Jrs heat managed to make his way from dead last off the start to 7th pl but fell victim to arm pump. Still finishing 8th out of 15 Vince would not surrender. Bottom line here is that no matter how these kids are doing or what challenges they are met with, they persevere from flag to flag.

  • Cate Nash 1st place Jr. Girls
  • Julian Wojcik 1st Place 12-15 85
  • Caleb Baltimore 3rd. Place 7-11 85
  • Ricky Anewalt Jr. 6th Place 14-16 SM
  • Kenito Held 9th Place 7-11 85
  • Vincent Caramanna 8th Place 10-11 65

Congratulations to all the Racers, Riders and their Families! This was a course met with challenges but the kids stuck with it! TPS would like to sincerely thank all of our sponsors for their continued support and encouragement. Bromley’s Suzuki, MSR, EBC, Vee Rubber Tire, WER, COR Moto, RE-Max Realty PA, Amsoil, Mika Metals, Dt-1 Filters, Brapp Magazine and All Balls Racing! 

Next on Tap is Round 2 of the ECEA Jr Enduro Series in Frackville PA May 27th. Please come out and join us.

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Next on Tap is Round 2 of the ECEA Jr Enduro Series in Frackville PA May 27th. 
Please come out and join us. 

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Team Perfect Storm - Race Update

Team Perfect Storm
AMA East HS Rd 4 - D6 Round 4
Blue Mountain Ski Resort
May 18 2017

For immediate release:

Five out of six TPS members were in attendance Rd 4 of the AMA East – Rd D6 HS at Blue Mountain Ski Resort. When members of the team were asked about this event they all said the same, Hard, Tough, Wet, Rainy, Rocky, Slimy and Slippery.

Any racer out there be it young or old were in for it. Mother Nature won on this one, with down pours of over 1” per hour throughout the day. To say it would make a tough course tougher was an understatement. That being said these five kept with it and managed to pull some good results. 

We were extremely proud of their determination. Julian Wojcik came to play this race with a 1st Place finish and 6th O/A in the 12-15 85cc. Ricky Anewalt Jr. shined also this race and pulled out a solid 2nd in 14-15 SM and 3rd O/A!

In parallel the steady Caleb Baltimore also reeled in a 2nd Place finish in 7-11 85cc. Kenito Held struggling with vision issues would finish in 4th 7-11 85cc. Last and certainly not least, Vince Caramanna took 5th place in the 10-11 65cc. All racers were in the top five covered from head to toe in Palmerton, PA slime.

Way to stay with it and not give up boys! Every Child or adult who showed up raced or worked should be rewarded for their efforts.

1. Julian Wojcik 1st Place 12-15, 85
2. Ricky Anewalt Jr. 2nd Place 14-16, Super Mini
3. Caleb Baltimore 2nd Place 7-11, 85
4. Kenito Held 4th Place 7-11, 85
5. Vincent Caramanna 5th Place 10-11, 65

TPS would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support and encouragement. Bromley’s Suzuki, MSR, EBC, Vee Rubber Tire, WER,Cor Moto, RE-Max Realty PA, Amsoil, Mika Metals, Dt-1 Filters, Brapp Magazine and All Balls Racing.

Jim Caramanna

Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Race Recap - Vintage Trials and MDRA Motocross

What a weekend it was - rainy, cold and lots of hardcore racers. The faithful were out. Check out our video recap below then scroll down to link to more video, pictures and results from all classes.

A few images below from the weekends events.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Race Recap - Field of Dreams and So Much More

Hey everybody - check out our race recap in the video below then scroll down to check out a few of the class champs for the weekend plus links to all images from the event and full race results.

MAMA Round #3 at the NJ Field of Dreams

Gauge Keith wins Unlimited A/B, School Boy 1 and 250 B

Scott Clark (442) sleeps the premiere expert divisions - again.

KTM rider Laina Randolph wins 80 (9-11) C, goes 2nd in Mini Women Open and 4th in Jr. Mini 1

Cody Groves wins School Boy 2 and finishes 2nd in School Boy 1

Travis Belotti (177) wins 125 C, Supermini 1 and takes 3rd in Supermini 2

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Team Perfect Storm Meets Team JGR

04-28-17 – For immediate release

Last Saturday dreams came true for a group of up and coming Suzuki ‘RM Army’ off-road riders thanks to the JGR Suzuki race team!  

Young racers of the newly created Bromley’s Suzuki Off-Road Race Team- Team Perfect Storm (TPS) were invited to the JGR Racing Suzuki pits for a "Meet and Greet" with the JGR Team riders.  "TPS" was in attendance at Round 16 of the AMA Monster Energy SX and were thrilled to attend a ‘Full-Factory Rig’ tour that included speaking with JGR Team Members: Justin "Bam Bam" Barcia, Kyle Cunningham, Weston Pieck and Jake Weimer about racing technique and bike set-up.  

The JGR Team riders were surprised to hear that five members of the team raced a Hare Scramble THAT morning.  One JGR Suzuki team rider was overheard saying: “These kids are the real deal!”

According to TPS Team Manager, Kenny Held: “This was such a thrill for these up and coming racers as they were treated to something that one can only dream about”. Upon arrival they were met by Team Manager Jeremy Albrecht and were given red carpet treatment. The young guys and gals were in awe of Jeremy’s ability to relate and gave him 100% of their attention. They hung on his every word, and followed him like the ‘Pied Piper’ of SX. After the JGR Factory Rig tour, 

Perfect Storm members were introduced to all the team riders where they were each provided with autographed posters and hats.  In return, members of the JGR Race Team graciously accepted Team Perfect Storms' autographed poster. The JGR Race Team is second to none based on their overwhelming hospitality.  

Suzuki Amateur Racing Coordinator, Chris Wheeler recently became aware of Team Perfect Storm through Social Media and has been following their results. TPS Team has been competing in AMA National East Hare Scrambles, Full Gas Sprint Enduros , ECEA Hare Scrambles , AMA-District 6 Hare Scrambles and local AMA Motocross events. The team solely relies on Bromley’s Suzuki –(Trevose PA) and the 2017 Suzuki RM85 to complete their marching orders as members of the RM Army!

Bromley Motorcycles  is proud to support Team Perfect Storm

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