Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Quest For "No Service" - I Mean Peace

I'd just like to start by saying wow, what a weekend. Actually I'd have to say it was almost a life changing experience. 

Did you know that you can survive for two and a half days without any cell service? I hate to admit it but this was a fact that I knew, but have completely forgotten to exercise.

In early November my wife and I rented a cabin from some friends in Benezette, Pa and joined the Central Mountains ATV Club on their Annual Elk Ride and Toy Benefit.

This was a little bit of work for us because even though we work in the industry we had to arrange a loaner from our friends at Lancaster Honda, not only a machine to ride but a trailer to haul it on. Then mother nature had her say and drove temps into the teens for the weekend so we had to go acquire some cold weather gear and... psyche ourselves out that we would actually stay warm on this adventure and have some fun. (boy could I think of some other things to do with a free weekend besides freezing off my watussie)

Anyhow we manned up so to speak and went and picked up our loaner in 15 degree weather and 30 mph winds and we headed north to Elk County. 

My wife and I don't get away near enough so we always just enjoy the ride no matter where we go. We take the time and see the sights and make the journey as much fun as the destination. Usually when we arrive we contact our clan at home and let them know we arrived safe and to give us a call, no matter what.

We arrived at our cold cabin rental aptly called Camp Reject shortly after dark and began to find our way around. Thank goodness our friends had some heat going for us but warned that we would need to get a fire going to stay warm. We got the truck unloaded and as I began to get the fire started my wife Deb attempted to text our kids to let them know we had arrived.

That's when I got the dreaded, "honey we don't have any service here". (enter dramatic music). Isn't it funny how we have come to depend on these phones so much? I know I find myself telling my adult children about the good old days when we had to either use the phone on the wall to call our friends or actually walk to their house to see if they could come out to play.

Anyhow to make a long story short, we were in bed that night by about 8:30. With no TV to watch or phones to scroll on we decided to just call it a night to be ready for our ride the next morning. As dawn rolled around to the sound of  UTV's traveling the road right outside our cabin we awoke refreshed from a good nights sleep and began to prepare our breakfast pioneer style.

As I said at the beginning of our story, what a weekend this turned out to be. We rode for three hours with our new friends from the Central Mountains ATV Club. Cold yes, but more fun than you could shake a stick at. We traveled the ATV friendly township roads in Benezette township and saw lots of Elk, we visited the winery there, checked out the Elk Visitors Center and still couldn't talk to anyone that was more than a few feet away.

As we headed back to our cabin around 4:00 pm we did discover there was a TV there with a DVD player and lots of movies. We elected not to turn it on but instead talked to each other, played a game of cards (she won) and found ourselves back in bed by early evening. Its amazing how good you can feel after a good nights rest.

Sunday we awoke and took our time getting loaded up. We said our goodbyes and headed south talking about how once we got back in cell range we were going to have to pull over to catch up on our notifications, lol.

Within the hour we were able to reach our family and found that they had all survived without us. Isn't it crazy to believe we have to stay in constant contact, or is it just me. Anyhow on a serious note our third grandchild had been born less than two weeks prior and we were both anxious to see how he was doing.

Another long story short moment - if any of you are interested in any advice what so ever. I recommend you grab your partner and go on a quest for no service. It will be refreshing, fun and a life changing experience I'm sure.

Better yet, get yourself an ATV and come join the club and get lost with many other like minded folks. I think you'll find it an adventure of a lifetime. .

Fact is there are many clubs around our state that you can join to help support trail riding in Pa while never having to ride alone again.

If you would like info on the CMATVA and all that they do you can   Click Here.  Next up is our New Years Eve ride

Be Alert...Ride Smart...Stay Safe...

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Team Perfect Storm 2017 Season Recap

Team Perfect Storm  2017 Season

ECEA, D6, AMA East and Jr. Enduro

To say this was a season of seasons is an understatement. With thousands of miles traveled, thousands of dollars spent, all of it providing so many memories and stories we will never forget. Team Perfect Storm started its inaugural season way back in January in Sumter, SC and concluded last weekend in Axton, VA in November

One of the many great days at the track

Along the way the season took us to MI, OH, PA, NJ, NY, NC and WV.  Throughout the season we celebrated Victory as well as defeat.  Thankfully very few of the latter. Together we shared excitement, laughter, tears, and frustration. We learned from all the above.  Most importantly the Team had fun and met many new friends.  

Team Perfect Storm was dealt a hard blow when team member Julian Wojcik was badly injured in a crash. Though Julian had a season ending injury, he was there in the pits and on the sidelines supporting his team.  Julian is expected to make a full recovery and will ease back into it slowly for 2018.  His health and full recovery is our top priority. Julian had such a lead prior to the incident that he acquired enough points to secure some very respectable year end standings! 

Team Perfect Storm secured four Number 1 plates, six number 2 plates and four number 3 plates. To say we had an awesome inaugural year would be an understatement.  Furthermore the Team was invited to shop openings, autograph sessions, product line announcements and National Super-cross events as VIP's. These young racers had a blast and represented the Suzuki Motorcycle Brand and our sponsors to the best of their abilities. 

The holeshot twins

2017 Season Finishes:

Ricky Anewalt Jr. 14-15Super Mini
1st Place AMA East
2nd Place D6
6th Place ECEA HS

Smiling Cate Nash Jr. Girls
1st Place ECEA HS
1st Place ECEA Jr. Enduro

Caleb Baltimore 7-11 85cc
1st. Place ECEA  Jr. Enduro
2nd Place ECEA HS
3rd Place D6
4th Place AMA East HS

Julian Wojcik 12-1585cc
2nd Place AMA East HS
4th Place ECEA HS
6th Place D6

Kenito Held 7-11 85cc
2nd Place AMA East HS
2nd Place D6
3rd Place ECEA HS

Vincent “Spicy Meatball” Caramanna 10-11 65cc
2nd Place ECEA Jr. Enduro
3rd Place D6
3rd Place AMA East HS
6th Place ECEA HS

Team Perfect Storm will have some line-up changes for 2018 as Ricky Anewalt Jr. will be securing a move out of the minis and graduating to the big bikes. We are all very sad to see Ricky leave as he has been such an asset to the team but we wish him and the Anewalt Family all the best the 2018 Season. Sadly Caleb Baltimore will not return for 2018, The Baltimore’s are moving in a different direction and they will be missed. Team Perfect Storm has managed to secure three new riders. 

Welcome Kayden Barr as he will compete in the 7-11 85cc class. Flying Josh Klouchek will contest the 12-13 Super Mini class. Isaac Wojcik will be a Jr Team member aboard  Vincent’s tricked out Rm 65 in 10-11 65cc Class. Vincent and Kenito will move up to 12-15 85. Julian upon his return will run in the Super Mini 14-15 Class.  Smiling Cate will be running the 11-15 Girls class.

I would like to report for the family’s sake that Team Perfect Storm will be taking a well needed break in the off-season However we all know as long as the weather holds out, these kids will be out there prepping and training for 2018.  The victory, smiles, laughter and the ability to endure the harder times could not be done without the unconditional Love and Support of our families.  The machines themselves were able to endure the technical tracks due to our invaluable Sponsors.

Team Perfect Storm would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Bromley’s Suzuki, MSR, Works Enduro Rider, EBC, Vee Rubber Tire, RE-Max, Amsoil, COR Moto Graphics, Brapp Magazine, Mika Metals, DT-1 Filters, All Balls Racing, your professionalism and constant support helped our young races fulfill their dreams and accomplishments this season.  

Your support is always appreciated and never forgotten. Please stay tuned as the 2018 season unfolds. We look forward to seeing you at the several upcoming awards banquets.  Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

Jim Caramanna (Team Public Relations)

Lancaster Honda Trail Report – CMATVA Elk Ride

Central Mountains ATV Assoc., Inc. held their 6th Annual Tour for Elk and Toy Drive on November 11th - 12th in Benezette, PA.  Our “members only” association ride had an amazing combined turnout of 291 riders and 170 machines!  Registration took place first thing at the Elk Visitor’s Center ECCO building and then we broke down into groups to enjoy a wonderful catered lunch by the Benezette Hotel and a visit to the Benezette Winery Store.  The wine shop seemed to be a BIG hit!  

The group saw lots of Elk over the two days of riding.

The event kicked off at 11:30 and everyone returned to the visitors center by 4pm. We rode on the township roads which are open to ATV’s in Benezette township and some private land that CMATVA has permission to ride on.  Of course, every group is not going to have the same experience but in total CMATVA members saw 100 elk on Saturday and 200 on Sunday.  Everyone had a good time visiting the Elk Visitor’s Center and we even had an opportunity to watch a movie on how elk were brought into Pennsylvania.  

Hundreds of riders came out to look for Elk.

CMATVA collected over 300 toys for our Toy Drive portion of the ride which was down from last year.  We will be presenting the toys to the 24th annual Mark the Shark Toy Drive on December 10, 2017 at 10:30 am at Walmart in Mill Hall, PA.  This event is sponsored by the radio station WSQV 92.1 FM in Lock Haven, Pa. and the toys are distributed through local charities with the help of students from Central Mountain Middle School and the Lock Haven Area Jaycees.

The Benezette Winery is always a favorite spot.

A special thank you goes out to everyone who made this year’s 6th Annual Tour for Elk and Toy Drive such a success.  We have a remarkable group of dedicated members who helped in many ways from parking to registration and keeping the group rides organized and everything moving throughout the day.  Parking for all the trucks and trailers was made possible by Benezette Township allowing us to use the baseball field and Andy Tuttle who allowed us to use his fields, thank you all for this.  And lastly, thank you to the Elk Visitor’s Center, Benezette Hotel and Winery and the community we appreciate your accommodations and hospitality. 

Some of the gang viewing a herd on Saturday.

You can see the pictures from our 6th Annual Tour for Elk and Toy Drive on our web site. www.cmatva.org  Come join the fun and become a member today and we will include your 2018 membership. CMATVA wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  
Be Alert….Ride Smart….Stay Safe….

Thank you,

Henry J. Sorgen IV
President of CMATVA

Click Here to get more club and ride info

This year Brapp Mag had an opportunity to tag along with this group and we had a blast. A cold blast, but a blast none the less. The above article failed to mention that temps were in the teens all weekend but it didn’t discourage the crew from the CMATVA both riders and volunteers alike, let alone all of the local folk that braved the cold to help support this event. We would also like to thank Lancaster Honda for providing us with a great ride and the town of Benezette for recognizing that 
off - road riders can be responsible and a great source of revenue for local economies. Be sure that you’ll see us back next year.

Jim and Deb Bull

Our Pioneer 1000 ride courtesy of Lancaster Honda

Watch for our ride review - coming soon

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