Friday, February 23, 2018

Round #2 SRT - AMA East Harescrambles Series

Kenny Held

AMA East Hare Scrambles Coordinator
Photos: Dan Morton
Feb. 18, 2018 - Woodruff, SC

With over 800 racers coming thru the gate, It was a full house at Round 2 of the AMA East HS. 

The main event front row kicks off RD 2 from 

This round would be co sanctioned with the Mid East HS Series. Mild rain on Saturday created a tacky clay for Sundays events. The 10 mile main event had its share of rolling hills, tight single track and squirrelly hill climbs.  The layout provided a vast array of spectating. No matter where you were standing you were treated to gobs of action.  

Joshua Strang wins the O/A main event. 

14 Pro Riders from as far away as WA State lined up to do battle. Behind them were two stacked rows of local AA racers. Following them were the rank and file A’s and B’s. The start of the event had three off camber, cork screw turns that provided plenty of action for the spectators. Ricky Russell would get the Holeshot but could not rest as Bollinger and Strang were right on him. As the racers entered the hillside, Bollinger would hammer past Russell. After the 1st lap, Bollinger would pull away from the pack with a 30 second lead. 

Trevor Bollinger led most of the race but got passed by Strang on the last lap.

Russell would drop to 3rd with Strang securing 2nd. This would remain this way till the white flag lap when Strang would begin to make his move for the lead. Halfway through the final lap, Strang made his way to Bollingers back fender. 2 miles from the end Strang would make the pass and he just let loose and pulled away from Bollinger. When the checkered dropped it was Strang by 30 seconds.  Ricky Russell would take the final podium position.

Top 10 Main

1. Joshua Strang - HSQ
2. Trevor Bollinger - HON
3. Ricky Russell- YAM
4. Jonathan Johnson - YAM
5. Brewer Cawley - KTM
6. Austin Lee - HON
7. Walley Palmer - HSQ
8. Bryce Coster - HSQ
9. Samuel Evans - KTM
10.Brendan Riordan - YAM

In Sundays morning event, the Amateurs, Seniors, Schoolboys and Women were treated to the exact same course that the Pros would run later that day. 10 miles of damp red clay, everyone's favorite. 250 racers would line up to do battle.  The top riders were from a variety of classes.  1st place went to David James from the A Super Senior Class, 2nd would go to Cole Lail from the Schoolboy Class and 3rd OA position to Vance Earl from the A Masters.  

Morning C Event Top 3

1. David  James   Senior Class
2. Cole  Lail   Schoolboy
3. Vance Earl Open Class

Click Here to get in touch with series sponsors Bromley Motorcycles.

In the Youth Main, talk in the pits was about PA's Mad Max Fernandez and local racer Tyler Palmer.  Both have a reputation of getting it done and this was not exactly Max's terrain.  Max a rock racer and Palmer, new to the class fresh out of the 12-13 Super mini had his work cut out for him.  For 2018, both racers will also be contesting the GNCC series.  When the flag dropped it was KTM Mounted Dylan Hicks and KTM's Max Fernandez with an early battle for the hole-shot. HSQ mounted Palmer was in the mix and in the top five as they headed into the rolling hills.  After the 1st lap it was Max out front with Palmer about 30 seconds back.  It would actually stay this way for most of the race. 

KTM mounted Max Rust would battle with Hicks but Hicks would soon fade allowing Rust to secure 3rd by the 6th lap.  The high speeds and unexpected, extended elapsed times were giving pit personnel a headache as many were now needing to pit for fuel.  Fortunately the top racers were equipped with large capacity fuel tanks so the fastest pit strategies were not going to be a factor.  In the end it was Fernandez, Palmer and Rust all from the 14-16 Super mini class.  

Max Fernandez wins the Youth Main event.

Click Here to see an interview we did with Max back in January

Youth Top 3

1. Max Fernandez
2. Tyler Palmer
3. Max Rust

At 8:00 am, 36 Pee Wees racers would line up in two rows, 4-6 and 7-8.  With lines stacked and parents anxiously awaiting the 10 second warnings were given and the racers were off.  Many of these kids don't wake up until mid way through the 1st lap.  These kids were by far the toughest.  On Saurday all the quads raced so there was a nice slippery surface that would send the 50's sliding like synchronized swimmers, only these 50's did not have it in their plan.  

Some of the uphills took their victims early leaving course workers with their hands full.  By the 2nd lap, most of the Pee Wees would find their groove.  The one youth who found his groove before the rest was KTM Racer Mason Tsakanikas out of MD.  Tsakanikas, also part of the "Rock Hound Racing Team" was not in the rocks but someone forgot to tell him. Mason would take the lead early and never look back taking the O/A win and 1st in class.  2nd and 3rd would go to Caleb Wood and Ethan Hardwell respectively, both aboard KTM's.  

Mason Tsakanikas takes 1st place 50cc O/A

Austin Tsakanikas - 1st place 10-11 65cc

Pee Wee Top 3

1. Mason Tsakanikas
2. Caleb Wood
3. Ethan Harwell

Round #3 will go down in Pa on March 24-25th

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekend Race Report - Motorama 2018

Well folks, that's another wrap from the folks at Motorama Events. For 40 years they have been kicking off our racing season in style here in central Pennsylvania. It all started back in the day before any of us had ever heard of the term "Arenacross". The owners of Trail-Way Speedway in Hanover, Pa only had one goal in mind and that was to offer the racers of our area a venue to race at in the frigid off season in the great Northeast.

Click video above to get the scoop

Fast forward to today and that event has morphed into its current status as the biggest indoor motorsports show on the east coast, maybe even the entire country. Here you can participate in various forms of racing, find products from every aspect of our industry, attend car and bike shows, check out the cool RC Car events and so much more.

Check out our video above for a followup report then please enjoy some images here as well as links to race results and action photos from the event below.

This was the second year the #TRUPA group came to town and put on an exhibition race.

Former Cross Country National Champion Ted Trey would take home the Trike honors 
on both days of racing.

Western Pa's Mike McDade would take the lions share in the expert bike divisions.

Pro racer John Natalie and his crew returned to their home turf to once again race at Motorama.

The quads always offer a great show at this event.

Ryan Friedly (20 KTM) took care of the novice divisions at this years Motorama.

Click Here to get the scoop on Race Day 2018 and all your KTM - Can Am 
Spyder and H-D needs.

Andrew Day wins (4) classes on the weekend.

Young Jaden Palmer also took (4) wins home.

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Click Here  for weekend race results.

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For more action race images please contact 

@MR587 and @KenHovance56

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Alta Electric Motorcycle Makes its Arenacross Debut

Thursday, February 15, 2018

AMA Flat Track Grand Championship Scheduled for May in Springfield, Ill.

Feb. 14, 2018

Media contact: James Holter
Phone: (614) 856-1900, ext. 1280

AMA Flat Track Grand Championship scheduled for May in Springfield, Ill. Four days of action-packed amateur racing on tap.

Click below to download a Josh Rud action shot from the 2017 competition:

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The 2018 AMA Flat Track Grand Championship is scheduled for May 29-June 1 in Springfield, Ill., promising four days of thrilling competition among the nation's top amateur riders.

The event was previously named the AMA Dirt Track Grand Championship.

This year's event features TT, Short Track and the Half Mile, with one of those to be repeated on Day Four. The full racing schedule and class structure will be finalized and announced soon.

"The AMA Flat Track Grand Championship represents the pinnacle of amateur competition in arguably the world's most historic two-wheeled motorsport," said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant. "This is where families from around the country -- and around the world -- come to face the toughest competition at this level. This event has helped shape the early careers of future AMA Grand National Champions, AMA Superbike Championship contenders, World Superbike racers and even a MotoGP champion. All young racers with an eye on a professional future in motorcycle track racing should attend the AMA Flat Track Grand Championship to see if they have what it takes to excel."

Steve Nace Racing is the event organizer.

"We are pleased to be the promoter for the 2018 AMA Flat Track Grand Championship," Nace said. "We are looking forward to four days of intense competition."

AMA National No. 1 plates are awarded to the racers in each class who have the highest point totals across all three disciplines of flat track racing.

Awards are also given for AMA Youth Flat Track Racer of the Year and AMA Vet/Senior Flat Track Racer of the Year.

Additionally, racers compete for the Nicky Hayden AMA Flat Track Horizon Award, which honors an amateur racer poised for success at the pro level.

The AMA Fast Brain Award is bestowed upon a racer based upon his or her performance at the event, as well as official school transcripts supplied at the time of application. Applications are available at

Competitors at the AMA Flat Track Grand Championship ride traditional flat track motorcycles as well as DTX motorcycles, the latter beginning as stock motocross bikes that are then fitted with flat track tires, suspension and undergo other modifications.

For more information about the event, visit or

About the American Motorcyclist Association
Founded in 1924, the AMA is a not-for-profit member-based association whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. As the world's largest motorcycling rights and event sanctioning organization, the AMA advocates for riders' interests at all levels of government and sanctions thousands of competition and recreational events every year. The AMA also provides money-saving discounts on products and services for its members. Through the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, the AMA honors the heroes and heritage of motorcycling. For more information, visit

Not a member? Join the AMA today:

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Motorama Events - T Minus 1 Week

Ready or not here it comes but I'd be willing to bet that most of you are super stoked. Its been a long cold winter and I've seen much less chatter this year about people heading south to ride. So I know whether you are a participant or a spectator that your ready for the show.

Click Here for all the details about the show.

This year marks the 40th Annual running of this event. I'm sure many of you reading this have been there many times before and know that its a great kick off to our racing season here in the Northeast and so much more.

If you haven't been to the show you certainly owe it to yourself to go. No matter what your motorsports passion might be there is something there for you. Everything from arenacross racing to go karts, rc cars and quarter midgets will take to the Motorama tracks.

In addition there is robot conflict, car and truck shows and vendors galore. There's music and beauty pageants and food, yes lots of food. You'll find something for every member of the family.

The word is that the 3 - wheel racers are back this year and come see the first electric powered motocross bike take to the track at Motorama. Yes the future has arrived.

Last year the TRUPA group came and did an exhibition race at the show.

So click on the flyer above to get all the details about this years show and we hope to see you there.

One week from tomorrow the tracks will be built, the vendors will roll in and the racers from up and down the east coast will start arriving and Saturday morning at 9 am the show begins. This show fills every square inch of the Harrisburg Farm Show facility and offers lots of bang for your bucks.

Brapp Mag will see you there...

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Kymco Trail Report - Riding Whiskey Springs in February

In early February we saddled up with 16 other friends from the Central Mountains ATV Association and did 40 miles in a heat wave (15 degrees) at the Whiskey Springs ATV Trail System in the Sproul State Forest in Central Pa. Hey, that's no joke  - our last ride it was a balmy 3 degrees when we started and probably -3 below when we finished.

The folks from the CMATVA ride twice a month - every month.

Turf and Trail Equipment - Mifflinburg, Pa

My day started out from home in southern Pa about 5:15 am  to go pick up my ride for the day courtesy of Kymco USA and Turf and Trail Equipment in Mifflinburg, Pa. This full service Kymco and Toro dealership was kind enough to put me in a 2018 UXV700i Le for the day to go hit one of the knarliest trail systems that the PA DCNR has to offer.

Check out a short video from the day.

The Whiskey Springs trail offers 50 miles of winter and summer trails and is part of Pennsylvania's State ATV trail system. Located just southeast of Kettle Creek State Park and just North of Renovo, Pa. Access is gained off State Route 120 - turn right at the Kettle Creek Inn and go approximately 1.5 miles then turn right on Two Mile Rd. to parking areas. Contact the Sproul State Forest for more info at: 570.923.6011

Renovo has opened up its township roads so wheeling in for lunch was a breeze. 
Be careful here however as Two Mile Rd is not ATV approved.

This is an awesome place to ride but make sure you get all the details on what is legal and what is not before you ride. Maps are available at the DCNR station right down the road from the Kettle Creek Inn and online at this link: Click Here for Info

Click Here for even more riding opportunities.

Taking a break on the trail to fix a flat tire on one of the machines. Its nothing like the fun you'll find when riding with a group and you'll definitely find safety in numbers.

More help on the trail as we had to winch the Kymco over an icy rocky uphill patch. I found out later we had the tires over inflated maybe leading to this necessity. Thank goodness Kymco offers a winch as standard equipment on their machines.

Click Here to learn how to join the association

Watch for more info on all our Outdoor adventures and a review on that Kymco 700
in our next issue.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

2018 PVR Vintage Swap Meet and Bike Show

The Potomac Vintage Riders hosted their annual show at the York, Pa Fairgrounds on 
January 28th, 2018 the day after their Vintage Harescrambles Championship awards banquet. 
I wasn't able to be there for that but word has it their were many special guests on hand such as 
John and Jack Penton plus a host of other industry legends.

John Penton (seated) was one of the most influential figures in the development of
off-road motorcycle racing in America.

This show is hosted annually and has grow in size over the years. In fact this year they had to move into the newer and larger UTZ Arena building from the Memorial Hall location to handle the demand from both vendors and attendees.

Show goers scavenge the parking lot for good finds.

Word has it that this is the largest indoor vintage swap meet on the East Coast. 

Parts and complete bikes are available here. I've never seen so many rare bikes and offerings 
of hard to find parts and memorabilia in one place.

Click Here to find hard to find and reproduction parts for your vintage bike after the show.

Womens - WMX Pro Motocross racer Cheyenne McGuin was on hand signing autographs.

My favorite part of this show is just that - the Vintage Bike Show. Whether you grew up riding this stuff or not it is just a joy to look at. On top of that it is our heritage as motorcycle riders. If you're as old as me you know what I mean and if you're not please be thankful for this group of riders and machines because without them you wouldn't be riding what you are today.

One of my favorites at this years show - 1977 Can Am MX 3.
(see more great images like these by following the link at the end of the blog)

Yamaha Motor Corp. is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2018 of the legendary DT-1.

This 1968 Yamaha DT -1 was a show stopper.

There was also some vintage street iron on display.
I'm sure many of us owned on or more of these, the Yamaha RD 350.

1972 National Trials Champ Jerry Young with his Rusty Triumph Cub.
This bike laid in Jerry's woods for 25 years.

Jerry was a factory GRM rider back in the day.

The bikes in the show are judged each year in different categories. There are many involved who go into the making of this show to help organize it and the bike owners who spend tireless hours and money getting their prize possessions back to original factory production form or some version of that. There are too many to name but thanks to you all. Below find the winners in this years show categories. 

2018 PVR Swap Meet / Bike Show Winners

Class 1 - Vintage Competition with Knobby Tires, Scott Rosenberger, Bultaco M135.

Class 2 - Vintage Competition no Knobby tires, Steve Dance, Triumph 650 TT.

Class 3 - Post Vintage Competition, Brett Friedel, 1988 Kawasaki KX500.

Class 4 - Vintage Mini or Moped, Tim Carter, 1971 Rupp Bandit.

Class 5 - Vintage Trailbike or Trials, Steve Dance, 1970 Penton Berkshire.

Class 6 - Vintage Street Stock, Keith Allen, 1973 Yamaha TX650.

Class 7 - Vintage Street Custom, Jamie Gilbert, 1972 Honda CB350.

Special Award #1 - Best Yamaha Enduro, Michael Pastore, 1970 DT1-C.

Special Award #2 - The Survivor, John Light, 1951 Vincent Rapide.

Esteemed Judge Ed Romecki of Tri-State Motorcycle Finishes.

People's Choice Award, Ray Donet - 1968 Bultaco Sherpa T. 

Well there you have it - its a wrap on another exciting off season show that's held every year about this time and at the same location. If you missed it please watch our pages for updates for next year's show and if you want to see more vintage bikes like these and the one below year round, you can check out the Broom Works museum in Baltimore , Md.

Click Here to get info on visiting the Broom Works factory.

Now here's the real deal. I love to look at this things but there are many who still love to go out and compete on them. See the flyer below for the PVR's 2018 schedule. If you have an old bike sitting around and want to have a real good time then check out this local race series.

Click Here to get more info on this great series.

Click Here to see more images from the event.

Click Here to see more great industry coverage.

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