Thursday, October 27, 2016

Brapp Mag Tests - European Made AJP Motorcycles

AJP Motorcyles America - Lightweight, Affordable, Dependable

Get yours at Keystone Trailers / Moto Depot in Lancaster, Pa

PR3 Enduro 240 - MSRP $4799

Yes - believe it or not the @Brapp_Captain does some riding of his own. Not like in years gone by but I still enjoy a great trail ride now and then. 

There are a number of reasons why I don't spend as much time in the saddle anymore, with one of them being the tall stature of the bikes these days. My 5' 8" frame coupled with my 50 plus years of abuse on this planet sometimes makes it difficult or lets say un-enjoyable to mount up and go like I used too.

That's OK - laugh if you will. But I'd bet there are a number of you out there that may have the same problem. Another big struggle and this one will get me in trouble I'm sure, is the cost of some of the new machinery these days. I believe the manufactures in trying to always create a better product have sometimes priced themselves right out of the market.

Enter the made in Europe AJP PR3 - a 240cc air cooled powerhouse that sits low to the ground while still offering optimal suspension travel and ground clearance with a price that a grandpa like me can afford.

The under the seat fuel tank along with the smaller wheel size and included lowering link make this machine a great choice for an old guy like me or even a youth rider looking for his or her first shot at a full chassis bike.

NEW 16” Rear Wheel – Down in size by 1 inch from our older 17” rear wheel, this new 16” wheel allows for a larger selection of tire choices, plus lowers our seat height slightly as well!
NEW Michelin Tires – Now installed at the factory are Michelin Starcross MS3 tires front & rear – a matched set for best traction and performance.
Lowering Link – A special link for the rear suspension is included with every PR3 in the crate – this allows for the owner to lower the PR3 seat height by 1 full inch!

All AJP's can be tagged for street and Enduro use

We rode this bike in late October at a super secret testing facility in Lancaster, Pa. A big thanks to the property owner for providing the perfect testing grounds and to Keystone Trailers / Moto Depot for supplying the ride.

This bike powered up hills and handled great

I loved this bike as it made plenty of power to make it fun to ride while being able to pull the hills and work its way thru the tight stuff. I never once struggled with the bike being top heavy or too tall when having to come to an abrupt stop on the side of a hill or in a gully and the brakes worked fantastic, lets just say, who knew that big creek was there as I was powering out of the woods. The strong disc brakes both front and rear stopped me on a dime and kept me high and dry all day. The electric start was a bonus and I really enjoyed riding this bike.

More good news - the lineup doesn't stop with the PR 3. If you are taller in stature or like riding the taller frame for just a few hundred dollars more you can get the PR 4. The main difference is going to an 18" rear with a 21" front wheel set up.

Even better news - if you're into competition or just want more power from your ride, then the AJP PR 5 is the bike you're looking for. Adding fuel injection and a liquid cooled motor with a 4 valve head. This baby pumps out an additional 10 horsepower and you can really feel the difference in power. It also rides on the taller wheels and offers a 6 speed transmission. 

Conveniently located at Keystone Trailers / Moto Depot: Click Here for website or give them a call at 717. 581.9020 - please make sure you tell them that Brapp Mag sent you.

Specs PR 3

Zongshen 233cc, 4 Stroke, SOHC, 2 Valve / air cooled with remote oil cooler

20 hp @ 8000 rpm / 13 ft-lbs @ 7000 rpm

Keihin/Deni PZ30 w/accelerator pump / Twin Air high-mounted filter

Electric / 5 speed, 520 O-Ring chain, 39T rear, 13T front

AJP USD 38mm – 10 inches travel – compression & rebound adjustable

Sachs with remote reservoir, linkage type, 11 inches travel (stock link) – Compression, rebound, & preload adjustable

Michelin Starcross MS3 70/100 – 19″ / Michelin Starcross MS3 100/100 – 16″

BrakTec hydraulics -260mm Disc / BrakTec hydraulics – 220mm disc

52 inches

11.5 inches (with stock link)

33.3 inches (w/lowering link), 34.3 inches stock

WET WEIGHT (no fuel)
221 lbs

Translucent, 1.8 US gallon

100 miles approximate

Click Here to go to website

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