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North Central Pa Initiative Update – December 2019

Making Sustainable Connections and Supporting Local Economies - Started June 2014.

 In late-December a group of folks met in Central Pa including state legislators, representatives from the DCNR and Penn Dot and local business owners and riders alike. Their mission is the North Central Pa Trail Initiative in Pennsylvania which will eventually open over 1700 miles of legal OHV riding for ATV’s and Side by Sides here in the state.

There was a record turnout for this years forum held in Lock Haven Pa.

It was just five short years ago when some folks from the Central Mountains ATV Association and the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails met with the DCNR and other local legislators, tourism committees, business owners and local residents to present their dream of creating a network of legal riding here in Pa similar to the Hatfield McCoy Trail System in WV.

The legal trail system continues to grow each year.

Click Here to see the proposed trail system:

To date the CMATVA has helped legalize, sign and maintain 981 miles of legal riding in Pa. The goal with the help of Governor Wolfs signing of the Fiscal Code HB 1929 is to have 1700 miles of legal riding running from the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails the whole way to the NY state line by 2024.

Click Here to read the Fiscal Code: 

One of the first phases of the development is to link the Bloody Skillet to the Whiskey Springs state trail system through the town of Renovo by April of 2020.  DCNR representatives explained to the group that limited resources and finding the best route has slowed down the process but it is still a goal to complete as soon as possible.

A next step would be then to get an approximate 5 mile stretch from Whiskey Springs connected to the Quiet Oaks Campground near the town of Cross Forks. Progress has been made here and the CMATVA is working with a local business along route 144 near Cross Forks to help make this a reality. The groups are also working with Penn Dot to obtain the state road trail connectors that are needed to help allow the whole system to come to fruition.

New in 2019, over five new townships opened their roads to riding, mostly in Tioga county and other ATV Clubs and organizations from the surrounding counties are joining the cause to expand the system even more and grants were received by DCNR and other organizations to help expand trails in the region.

Some goals for the initiative in 2020 are to continue to:
  •         Continue the forum on ATV Related Economy
  •          Open Noyes Township Rd. to Middle Branch parking lot at Whiskey Springs ATV System
  •          Open a trail from Beech Creek to Bloody Skillet
  •          Link SSRT to Clearfield, Elk, and Cameron Counties
  •          Link the Waterville / Pine Creek Valley to Coudersport Pike
  •          Continue to open Tioga County Municipalities
  •          Work on Hyner to Renovo, Coudersport Pike, and Farrandsville

These are just some of the things that need to happen to continue the cause. We need everyones support in any way possible. Please reach out to your local representatives and let them know that you support the initiative. Please participate in fundraisers and rides when you can, join one of the clubs or associations that support the cause and please above all, obey the laws and ride responsibly. With your help I know the dream can become a reality.

Stay tuned to our websites and the Central Mountains website for regular updates at:   

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