Saturday, January 20, 2018

Susquehannock State Park Trail Review - Prepping for the AT

Hey all - so this is something fairly brand new for us as we embark on a multi year journey to prepare to do a thru hike on the famous Appalachian Trail on or before the spring of 2022

The Susquehannock State Park in Drumore, Pa covers 224 acres and offers just over 
5 miles of hiking trails. 

An AT thru hike consists of a 2190 mile journey and takes between 5-7 months to complete. It can also take years of preparation both mentally and physically to be ready to succeed at such a feat.

My wife Deb and I started this journey today - January 20, 2018 as we embarked on our first day hike together with the goal in mind to knock another dream off our bucket list.

The Susquehanna River crosses Pa from North to South and eventually flows into the 
Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

From our brief research to date we realize that the best way to prepare is to go out and do. We both desire to improve our health and conditioning and what better or more affordable way than to go out into Gods Creation and "walk the walk".

We chose the Susquehannock State Park to begin as this hidden gem is only about a 20 minute ride from our home in Southern Lancaster County in Pa. The 224 acre recreation area offers moderate terrain to start our conditioning with only about 700 feet in elevation change while offering some spectacular views of the Susquehanna river.

Our goal as a couple is to be able to hike the entire AT in one summer before we turn 60.

We have made the decision to go out and hike at least once a week and to start small and build are way up in distance and difficulty as the year progresses. Today we hiked just under 2.5 miles of trail and enjoyed spending time together in the great outdoors.

Susquehannock State Park is becoming well know for its large bird watching capabilities as the American Bald Eagle and other large birds of prey make their homes among the rocky cliffs of the southern Susquehanna River Valley.

Perhaps the Susquehannock Indians used a canoe such as this in days gone by.

The area is full of American history too as Captain John Smith discovered the Susquehannock Indian tribes that inhabited the waterways and river towns in the early 1600's making this a great location to bring the kids and teach them about the early history of our great country.

Located centrally between York, Lancaster and Baltimore this is a destination to bring the entire family for a day trip or an overnight stay. Camping is available at the park and you can 
get more info by Clicking Here 

Just a short message above as we finished up the beginning of our journey.

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