Thursday, May 18, 2017

Team Perfect Storm - Race Update

Team Perfect Storm
AMA East HS Rd 4 - D6 Round 4
Blue Mountain Ski Resort
May 18 2017

For immediate release:

Five out of six TPS members were in attendance Rd 4 of the AMA East – Rd D6 HS at Blue Mountain Ski Resort. When members of the team were asked about this event they all said the same, Hard, Tough, Wet, Rainy, Rocky, Slimy and Slippery.

Any racer out there be it young or old were in for it. Mother Nature won on this one, with down pours of over 1” per hour throughout the day. To say it would make a tough course tougher was an understatement. That being said these five kept with it and managed to pull some good results. 

We were extremely proud of their determination. Julian Wojcik came to play this race with a 1st Place finish and 6th O/A in the 12-15 85cc. Ricky Anewalt Jr. shined also this race and pulled out a solid 2nd in 14-15 SM and 3rd O/A!

In parallel the steady Caleb Baltimore also reeled in a 2nd Place finish in 7-11 85cc. Kenito Held struggling with vision issues would finish in 4th 7-11 85cc. Last and certainly not least, Vince Caramanna took 5th place in the 10-11 65cc. All racers were in the top five covered from head to toe in Palmerton, PA slime.

Way to stay with it and not give up boys! Every Child or adult who showed up raced or worked should be rewarded for their efforts.

1. Julian Wojcik 1st Place 12-15, 85
2. Ricky Anewalt Jr. 2nd Place 14-16, Super Mini
3. Caleb Baltimore 2nd Place 7-11, 85
4. Kenito Held 4th Place 7-11, 85
5. Vincent Caramanna 5th Place 10-11, 65

TPS would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support and encouragement. Bromley’s Suzuki, MSR, EBC, Vee Rubber Tire, WER,Cor Moto, RE-Max Realty PA, Amsoil, Mika Metals, Dt-1 Filters, Brapp Magazine and All Balls Racing.

Jim Caramanna

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