Monday, May 1, 2017

Team Perfect Storm Meets Team JGR

04-28-17 – For immediate release

Last Saturday dreams came true for a group of up and coming Suzuki ‘RM Army’ off-road riders thanks to the JGR Suzuki race team!  

Young racers of the newly created Bromley’s Suzuki Off-Road Race Team- Team Perfect Storm (TPS) were invited to the JGR Racing Suzuki pits for a "Meet and Greet" with the JGR Team riders.  "TPS" was in attendance at Round 16 of the AMA Monster Energy SX and were thrilled to attend a ‘Full-Factory Rig’ tour that included speaking with JGR Team Members: Justin "Bam Bam" Barcia, Kyle Cunningham, Weston Pieck and Jake Weimer about racing technique and bike set-up.  

The JGR Team riders were surprised to hear that five members of the team raced a Hare Scramble THAT morning.  One JGR Suzuki team rider was overheard saying: “These kids are the real deal!”

According to TPS Team Manager, Kenny Held: “This was such a thrill for these up and coming racers as they were treated to something that one can only dream about”. Upon arrival they were met by Team Manager Jeremy Albrecht and were given red carpet treatment. The young guys and gals were in awe of Jeremy’s ability to relate and gave him 100% of their attention. They hung on his every word, and followed him like the ‘Pied Piper’ of SX. After the JGR Factory Rig tour, 

Perfect Storm members were introduced to all the team riders where they were each provided with autographed posters and hats.  In return, members of the JGR Race Team graciously accepted Team Perfect Storms' autographed poster. The JGR Race Team is second to none based on their overwhelming hospitality.  

Suzuki Amateur Racing Coordinator, Chris Wheeler recently became aware of Team Perfect Storm through Social Media and has been following their results. TPS Team has been competing in AMA National East Hare Scrambles, Full Gas Sprint Enduros , ECEA Hare Scrambles , AMA-District 6 Hare Scrambles and local AMA Motocross events. The team solely relies on Bromley’s Suzuki –(Trevose PA) and the 2017 Suzuki RM85 to complete their marching orders as members of the RM Army!

Bromley Motorcycles  is proud to support Team Perfect Storm

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