Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sonic Offroad - Used Side by Side Dealer in Pa

Sonic Offroad - Used Side by Side Dealer
4 x 4’s - Sales, Parts and Service
Easton, Pa

The side by side craze has been sweeping the country and the world over the last couple of years as many off road riders from both the past and present look for ways to go out on the weekend and have a fun but safe riding experience. Not only motorcyclists from days gone by but ATV riders and even off road truck and jeep enthusiasts are finding their ways to this incredibly awesome way to get out and get the lead out so to speak. Not only are they a great form of off road enjoyment, they also offer basic transportation at off road and entertainment events and many are used as work vehicles on farms, ranches and construction sites.

Enter Sonic Offroad, a used equipment powersports dealer located in Easton, Pa that specializes these days in finding late model side by sides for their customers at a fraction of the cost of new. In talking with owner Matt Ciasulli recently, he saves his customers between 20-25% off the cost of a new machine and prides himself in offering the best selection and price available in the entire country.

Who is Sonic you ask? Matt and his brother Andrew first got hooked on riding off road when they were just young boys. One day their dad brought home an old beat up 50cc dirt bike and with a few tools and a little bit of ingenuity and hard work they were off on the trail so to speak. They were hooked immediately and through the years they kept tearing things apart and putting them back together.

The two brothers were actually ahead of their time when back in the mid 2000’s they created what was in reality one of the first side by sides with their release of a dune buggy race car and a bolt on independent rear suspension kits for ATV’s that was featured in major magazines that put the Sonic Offroad name on the map. 

At some point the brothers went on their separate business journeys with Andrew founding Sonic Solar Energy with Matt sticking to his roots and building up Sonic Offroad LLC which has become the premier offroad dealer we visited today.

Sonic sells around 15 used side by sides every month and if they don’t have the machine you are looking for they will go out and find it. Sonic also stocks a large selection of parts that you won’t find elsewhere for both 4 x 4 ATV’s and side by sides. They also are one of the only dealers around that can do frame work and total rebuilds of side by sides without the need to replace entire frames and cages. They specialize in what Matt calls the internal core of the machine: motor, tranny, frame and suspension. Sonic also offers dealer services to those who may need to sub contract this type of work.

Sonic is found easily in Easton, Pa just 50 miles from both Philadelphia and New York City and they also ship worldwide, both parts and machines.

You can check them out online or give them a call at: (610) 730-6396. They are a full motor vehicle and powersport Pennsylvania Licensed Dealer. So give them a call to see what they have in stock today and please tell them that Jim Bull sent you.

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