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Barbed Wire Enduro Breaks More Records!

Barbed Wire Enduro Breaks More Records!
ECEA Jr. Enduro Series Round #2
By: Aaron Kalisher

History continues to be made with the inaugural running of the Southern Tier Enduro Riders (STER) Barbed Wire Jr. Enduro on July 9th.  Adding to the rousing success of last month’s Ridge Run, an additional 25 kids signed up for Barbed Wire making for nearly 70 competitors.  In fact, the 50cc class more than doubled in size with nearly 20 racers.  In addition, Sunday’s senior enduro had record setting attendance with over 200 adults, proving that Jr. Enduros make good business sense. 

 The stage was set for some really exciting racing, as the core ECEA faithful met stiff competition from the WYONA and AMA D4 series’.

The 50’s were treated to a 2-mile course that was comprised of woods, grass track and even some MX that made for great spectating.  The junior-youth course was 4 miles and incorporated the 50 course, as well as the club’s signature “shuffle” adult enduro trail .  As trail boss and club president Brian Williams put it, “We don’t have big hills here, but the ground is never flat.”  Add to that, the kids negotiated a seemingly endless sea of roots that were hand painted by STER to keep things safe for the kids.

The weather was spectacular. A threatening rain shower before the main event missed the course by less than 2 miles.  While the start/finish area was a little dusty, the trail in the woods was excellent. 

Like the Ridge Run, STER chose to ride consecutive laps, with the start control and the checkout within 50 feet of each other.  This allowed kids to talk with their parents, eat, hang with friends, pit for fuel, etc.  All told, the 50’s had 1.5 hours to complete their required laps pre-determined by STER and the juniors-youth had 2 hours to complete their event.  Most kids had plenty of time, some even going back out after their scorecards were removed to do additional “hot laps”.

The Barbed Wire Jr. Enduro was a complete success, adding to the momentum of the five-event series.  The parents were delighted with how well everything was organized. There were over a dozen hand-held radios worn by the course workers, so everyone was in constant communication. Parking was plentiful, the food vendor was great and “DJ Beastie” played a wide variety of music throughout the day.  

In the end, the day was won by 11-14 Super-mini Kevin Messina.  The top competitors were all lightning fast, but ultimately it was Kevin who emerged the Victor.

Class winners included the following:

50cc 7-8 LC:                Max Williams
50cc 7-8 AC:                Hunter Gardner
50cc 4-6 AC:                Mason Tsakanikas
14-16 Super Mini:        Kevin Messina
12-13 Super Mini:        Max Fernandez
12-15 85cc:                   Ian Weisman
12-16 Senior Girls:       Mackenzy Robbins
7-11 85:                        Kyle Grenewicz
10-11 65cc:                   Ryan Gribbin
7-9 65cc:                      Caleb Baltimore
9-11 Junior Girls:         Morgan Tsakanikas
11-15 4stk AC:             Andrew Waterman
7-10 Trail:                    Ryder Sigety

You can get more details at: ECEA Jr. Enduro Face Book Page

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