Thursday, May 14, 2020

Cure for the common cold - get outside and ride!!

What a difference a day out in @thepawilds with Mother Nature can make. I know my wife and I were getting a case of "cabin fever" with all the recent goings on and we had been patiently waiting to go ride our side by side and the chance finally came.

With the North Central part of Pennsylvania going from Red to Yellow last week we loaded up our machine, booked a room at the Knob Hill Motel and away we went. The weather was still cold and it was snowy and rainy, but we just didn't care. We were getting a chance to ride in our favorite destination and nothing was going to hold us back.

We got to our cabin on late Saturday just outside of Galeton, Pa where we buckled down with a good meal and some couple time to plan our ride for the following day. We had many options for destinations from our starting point, but hadn't ridden for so long we weren't sure in which direction we wanted to travel. 

We are looking for our own little piece of Gods Country and being a realtor from the area I knew of a few parcels for sale between Galeton and Cross Forks that we've been wanting to see so it made our decision pretty obvious, to Cross Forks it would be. 

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After viewing a 40 acre parcel just south of Germania we stopped by the above cabin that was for sale down near Carter Camp. The view of this seven acre parcel from the cabins deck gave us "the wants" and something to talk about as we headed further south for a bite to eat.

After stopping at Debs Cross Fork Inn for some delicious carry out food we journeyed on enjoying the sunshine and the piece of mind that you can only find while out here in the wilds. Later in the day we talked about how nice it was to spend five hours in the buggy and not look at our devices and be glued to the situation that's currently going on around us.

Views like above are numerous along the North Central Trail System that the Central Mountains ATV Association (CMATVA) has been working at diligently for years to develop. This system is a work in progress and currently offers just under 1000 legal miles of trail to ride Potter, Tioga and Clinton Counties, the goal is 1700 miles.  

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As I mentioned our ride would last about five hours on this day and cover just under 75 miles ending back at the Gods Country Snowmobile Club Trail Head. We really weren't ready to stop but knew we would be returning to ride in two weeks with the CMATVA.

If you love to ride and love the outdoors and are forever in search for that cure for the "cabin fever" then come ride with us. No matter what's going on in the world, there is never a better time to get out and socialize and enjoy all that God's created.  I spoke with an 80 year old couple on one of our rides last year and they asked us to never stop pushing for their rights to ride. That it was the only way they had left to get out and enjoy all that our great state has to offer. 

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If you want more information on joining the association, or info on where you can ride, just click the link under the logo above. The CMATVA rides twice a month, every month and no rider ever gets left behind. The yearly fee is less than two tickets to a movie and the fun you'll have is never ending. So we hope to see you out on the trail. Our next ride is Memorial Day weekend departing from the Potter County Family Campground, join now and join the fun.

You never now what you'll find around the next bend. 

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