Monday, September 16, 2019

Yamaha All Star Pro Am - Doublin Gap MX

Barbie jeeps, a live band, good food and 37 Open A racers were just the tip of the iceberg. A 125cc All Star race that was off the hook, an enormous fund raiser for some families in need and oh yes, some great MDRA racing action. Did I mention over $12 grand in pay outs and a $15,000 fund raiser.

Click below to check out our short race recap in the video below, then scroll down to see more racing action and find links to results and pictures from all the classes.

Yamaha took 9 class wins at this year All Star race.

The annual Barbie Jeep race is always a Saturday night sensation.


Click Here  to get all the details on this must attend event.

Kevin Crine Classic - October 11-13th at Budds Creek!!

Malachi Kraft wins three mini cycle divisions at Doublin Gap.

Carson Hippert wins 85 (9-11) C.

Nathan Dulaney (85) wins 125 C with Caleb Scott (45) winning SB 1.

James Kerrick wins plus 30 C.

Darrell Gress wins plus 40 B/C.

Michigan's Joey Crown swept all 4 premiere expert motos on Sunday 

taking home the Lions Share of the $6000 purse, plus some bonus cash.

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Click Here  to see images from all classes.

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