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Motocross Racing Couple Take on HMDR Sprint Enduro

Last weekend the High Mountain Dirt Riders held their second annual Sprint Enduro at the South Side Conservation Club near Catawisa, Pa. This event was held as a Harescramble for many years but due to some changes in the property there they revised their format last year and it has been a hit.

I wasn't able to attend this years event but noticed that a long time motocross friend of mine decided to give some off-road racing a try along with his wife. I talked to Greg and got his permission to share his take on the weekend because I thought it was definitely worth sharing with the racing community.

Greg "Frenchy" Pamart (second from left) has been a life long motocross racer. He has been a French National Champion in years past and continues to strive for excellence both on and off the bike. Pamart travels to all the big Amateur National events and you can always find him finishing in the top five if not on top of the podium. Greg's motto has always been "MX for Life"

Below I'll share his words in his typical Frenchmen style:

Something weird happened yesterday..
by Greg “Frenchy” Pamart – Motocross racer

I raced something else than motocross (second time in like 35 years) ... A "sprint enduro" that is, and I enjoyed the crap out of it. This is a few fun factor that made it a kick ass experience.

Greg "Frenchy" Pamart races the HMDR Sprint Enduro

Fun Factor #1: it was a event that my wife Marika Krejci Pamart was participating in as well. It was her very first time racing offroad so I was very excited, nervous and pumped all at the same time. supporting her like she support me was a great feeling. She raced in the morning and me in the afternoon so we pitted for each other. I cried like a little school girl when she took off, thanks good it was pouring rain nobody noticed. So proud of her!!!

Marika Pamart races her first off-road event ever.

Fun Factor #2: the unknown. We had no expectation and any remote idea on what we were getting into. It rain like hell, rocks everywhere, roots central, trees every 2 inchs, oil on ice hill climbs, who in ze world want to pay to ride a motorcycle in this shit..? We and a bunch of insane ppl did.

Fun Factor #3: being not prepared.
Showing up with the wrong bike, wrong tires, not knowing what's the right bike or tires in the first place, no food, no spares.. not caring, over thinking and winging it is a great feeling. We work the day before so we just throw some bikes in the Sprinter and hit the road to the race. No pressure.

Fun factor #4: no expectation.
Even so we push ourself 100% (and I won my class 40A) we had nothing short of a near death experience (à la Delivrance) to finish.. we show up humble and ready to get our asses kicked. We did.. I got 20th overal and Marika crashed a zillion times, but we kept going and smiled (when done).

Fun factor #5: friends.
Ivan Pier Rat Tulala (I owe ya a tube btw), Eric Moose, Alex Alexandre, Bob Monko, Doc Mc gee and few other unknown ppl make it a absolute blast. They actualy have a award ceremony when we all hang out and bs about the day. Bad ass! The event (ecea) was well organized, club members were helpful and friendly, a pleasure.

Click Here to learn more about the ECEA and find full results from the day.

Fun factor #6: seat time.
+2 hours of hardcore riding in shitty condition. Im ready for loretta, heat, ruts and mudd are my friends.

Fun factor #7: satisfaction.
When you're done and did your best, you actualy feel like you accomplish something. You and your bike are beat but in one piece. Now time for food and a couple brew with your mates.
Awesome feeling.

So why not mixing it up a little? What's next? Road racing? Mini GP? Adv 24 hour race (let's do it Marco Sanna!)? Riding around the world..? We set our own limit in life... at the end of the day, the right peoples, 2 wheels and a motor and life is good!

#ridingisriding #mx4life #xcmaybenot #puravida #whyweride #nevergiveup

Thanks to the Pamart's for trying something new and sharing their experience with the world. 

Read on below to learn more about the Sprint Enduro format and see who won the shotgun.

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Matto Cycle is a long time supporter of off-road racing. 

Ask Bud and his team about any of your racing needs.

What is this ECEA Enduro Series Sprint?

The Sprint Format was adopted into the ECEA almost 4 years ago as an alternative event for clubs. In 2017 HMDR held it’s the first ECEA Sprint Enduro as a test bed. The ECEA Youth Jr Series has run this format for a couple of years. In regards to an old school time keeper Enduro, the Sprint has little in common but to a Check in / Check out or restart format Enduro, the Sprint has some similarities. 

Click Here to check out the ECEA Jr. Sprint Enduro Series

The Sprint is basically a set of special tests run without transfer sections or time keeping, all being located is a central staging area.

HMDR runs three Loops or test sections in a clover leaf layout to keep everyone organized. At HMDR the sections vary from 2.8 miles to 3.7 depending on weather. HMDR is real PA enduro single track with a couple log roads for a break. We will run a mixed set of Loops, we call them Red, Blue and Orange. Red is easiest and used by our Youth. Loop times can be from 7 min, 10 min to 20 min. 

Word is they got some rain at this years event. Above Chaplain Joe did survive.

Riders will run multiple loops depending on class in any order they wish. There is a time limit set to
finish all your loops. It is based 3 or 3.5 hours from when you started. So you have to keep track of time and laps from the electronic scoring. Two large displays are in the staging area. Last year most guys had enough time to finish. There is plenty of seat time at this sprint and we hope to see you all at future events. Please contact us with any questions.

Click Here to get more info on the High Mountain Dirt Riders.

Hunter Bush wins the coveted Shotgun at this years event.

Coming up next for the ECEA this weekend July 22, 2018

The 20th Anniversary Rattlesnake National Enduro in Cross Forks, Pa

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