Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Team Perfect Storm July and August Race Reports

·         Shotgun Sprint Jr Enduro
·         AMA East HS Battle Creek - D6 Hurricane Hills HS
·         MDRA MX Sleepy Hollow

How do you go from watching your child learn to ride a dirt bike on your front lawn to driving him all over the East Coast? Simple, buy them a dirt bike.  When they tell you they want to try a race, hang on cause it will suck the entire family in. 

This report covers a wide array of locations, disciplines and dedication.  This cannot occur without the assistance from our sponsors and parents.  So here we go: Starting with the Shotgun Sprint JR Enduro. I have to say many parents like this format.  After each lap they can take a moment to check on their riders and prep them for their next lap.  They can have a drink, a quick bite or give you thumbs up and continue on. In Catawissa, PA four out of 6 TPS members represented. 

     Smiling Cate Nash put her RM 85 on the center box taking 1st. place for JR Girls. Caleb Baltimore took 3rd place in 7-11 85cc. Julian Wojick suffered a foot injury which side lined him for a bit and then before we knew it he was back out to finish but nowhere near his usual finish.  This will be a throw away.  Vince Caramanna started in 4th and kept it there till the end. 

     One Week later found a last minute decision for a few members to head to Battle Creek, Michigan where round 7 of the AMA East National HS was being held.  Most were skeptical of going that distance but as they sometimes say, “a last minute choice is the right choice”.  Once the 3 members of TPS arrived a day ahead of time and practiced at a local MX track down the road and hammered out some laps. The practice on foreign soil paid off.  Ricky Anewalt Jr. 1st place 14-16 SM, Kenito Held 1st place 7-11 85 and "Spicy Meatball" Vincent Caramanna 1st 10-11 65.  Kenito and Vince taking class hole shots and overtaking the local favorites by several minutes by races end.  The locals perceived these boys a national caliber riders with many questions of how and what we do to train.  

     As if we didn't drive far enough, as soon as the youth class ended, Vincent along with Mom, Dad Sigety and Ryder Sigety, drove right to Hurricane Hills MX in PA (400 Miles) arriving at midnight for a Sunday rock fest.  With northern PA receiving loads of rain during the week and humidity the rocks were SLICK! Vincent Caramanna left the line in 4th once again not giving up the spot, even after a get off on the MX section and finishing for the day right there! We’ll take it. 

    The following weekend, some D6 HS kids decided to try out an MX at Sleepy Hollow hosted by MDRA.  Kenito representing, gave it a try and took 4th place out of 17 in the 7-11 85cc.  Not bad for a Bark Buster.  

     Caleb Baltimore has been knocking them silly up at WNYOA and some D4 Jr Enduros during the off weekends.  He has been banging 1st and 2nd ’s at these events and taking home some splinter.  Bike maintenance during the week as well as parental recovery is scarce these days so we are extremely grateful to the Suzuki Motorcycle Company for building these incredibly reliable low maintenance machines. A big shout out to all who make this possible, Parents, Sponsors, Mike Sigety Shuttle Services and the above all - GOT MILK? 

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