Monday, November 5, 2018

Taking It To The Streets with the AOAA and Dons Cycle

I was doing some testing with Yamaha a few weeks ago at the AOAA Trails when my long time friend and park manager Dave Porzi says to me - Shamokin officials want us to bring our riders downtown to patronize the local businesses.

Over looking the town of Shamokin from the trail above from our Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT.

So I asked Dave, when are you doing this? His reply was, well were scheduling 12-18 months out here for events but they want to pull it off this year yet to see if it can be a permanent thing. So whala, out of the hat comes another rabbit from the folks at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.

The turnout for this event was phenomenal and shows that the riders want legal places to ride and they are willing to support if financially. 

It was like an answer to a prayer - finally the goal were all looking to achieve. A system similar to the Hatfield and McCoy system in WV, the same system the CMATVA is working towards in Upstate Pa with their North Central ATV Initiative. The same reason why the land was awarded to the AOAA in the first place, to drive the local economies though off road riding. 

Getting ready to leave AOAA lands and work our way towards town.

Riders rode too and parked downtown while patronizing the local businesses. 

Having some lunch downtown at a pizza shop.

Hundreds, maybe even over a thousand riders came out for this event. My friend Jim who is a member of the PA Trail Advisory committee got to talk with some of the founding city officials who helped make the AOAA a reality as well as the mayor of Shamokin and they were all pleased as well as humbled. 

The mayor said that he hadn't seen this many people in the town in years for any reason and that he hopes to see more of this in the future. This was no small feat so we'd like to thank all the city officials, business owners and the residents of Shamokin as well as the staff from the AOAA and an army of volunteers who helped pull it all off. Most importantly the riders who came out and stood in line to get registered and left their time and dollars behind to help support what we would hope to be the future of off - road riding in the state of Pa. 

The AOAA offers riding on thousands of acres in Northumberland County, Pa. and is less than three hours drive from Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City.

Click Here  for more info on riding at the AOAA

You can ride just about anything with wheels and a motor at the AOAA.

This Mule Pro FXT got the job done well at the AOAA.

A special thanks to Dons Cycle in Hellam, Pa for getting us out on the streets and trails for this event in this 2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT. This 6 seater machine worked phenomenal out on the trail and I would recommend to take a look if your in the market for a new machine.

Stay tuned for a full review coming up in the next issue of Brapp Magazine.

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