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Memorial Day ATV Ride with the CMATVA

Karns Performance Trail Report
CF Moto Z Force 800 Trail Takes on Potter County
Memorial Day Weekend - 2018

In late May my wife and I loaded up to embark on our next fun adventure with the Central Mountains ATV Association. As we headed north towards Karns Performance in Mechanicsburg, Pa to pick up our test vehicle for the weekend we once again wondered what Mother Nature would throw at us on this ride. The weatherman was saying it was going to be dry to start the weekend but that the rain was coming.

Earlier this year we decided that it was time for us to have some fun and that we wanted to add an off road element to our local racing publication, hence was born. We joined the Central Mountains ATV Association based out of Lock Haven, Pa and we went all in saying hey, we'll even take over some press duties too. So here we are, having the time of our lives, riding with other like minded individuals and trying out new machines along the way.

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trail riding opportunities around our state.

The association rides twice a month, every month and this holiday weekend took us north to the Potter County Family Campground to ride the miles and miles of both DCNR trail systems and township roads that the area has opened up to ATV and Side by Side use.

PCFC is a true hub for riding in the state of Pa.

Being a dirt bike rider from way back, I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy this type of off-roading, but like a good friend of mine said earlier this year, with age comes the cage, lol. I tell you what though, cage or not the beauty about the side by side is, that if you want to do 10 mph and look for deer you can but in the same token, if you want to get your groove on, given the right machine you can do that too.

Anyhow, we're here to promote safe and responsible riding so you didn't hear that from me. So like I was saying we went and visited our friends from Karns Performance in Mechanicsburg, Pa to pick up our CF Moto Z Force 800 Trail model for our ride and another shout out here to Keystone Trailers in Lancaster, Pa for letting us use a classy aluminum hauler to tote this baby around on.

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We arrived at the campground Friday evening and got camp set up. On this particular weekend we rented a cozy little cabin where we got a good nights rest. We were up early Saturday morning to join the 30 plus machines for our days ride in the Pa Wilds. 

Our Morning excursion took us south to Lyman Run State Park where we stopped for a group picture and some refreshing ice cream from their snack bar. Lyman Run is a staple in the area and offers fishing, swimming, camping and of course access to the state trail system.

From there we headed back to the campground for a short break for lunch then we all met back up and headed north towards NY State. In all total on Saturday we rode from 9 in the morning until about 5 at night putting on just over 100 miles.

You can check out a video below to see some of our adventures on the day and get a little walk around that CF Moto Z Force.

Oh the CF Moto you ask? My wife and I rode with the group all day Saturday but weren't able to stay for the full ride on Sunday. We did take the Z Force out on a solo journey putting another 30 miles on for a total of 130 miles in two days.

I've been actually trying to get in this machine for close to a year now and the circumstances finally became right. I've ridden many different makes and models and I was curious to see just how this value priced machine would make the cut.

800 liquid cooled twin with electronic fuel injection, electronic power steering, standard winch, roof and aluminum wheels. Adjustable suspension, high, low range with 2, 4 and 4 wheel differential lock all for only $10,500.

Too good to be true right? 

This unit made plenty of power, shifted smoothly and sucked up the bumps with ease. Believe me, there's days you ride 100 and feel like you went 200. Not the case with this beast. The low range pulled us through the deepest mud hole and up the mountain with ease and when in high we could cruise comfortable at 50 mph when needed.

Would I buy one you ask? Probably not because its not the specific ride that would meet my needs right now. If I were thinking about a two seater trail machine it would definitely be on my list however.

Would I be afraid to buy one? Not at all, the machine performed well and in talking with another member in our group he is on his third one in 6 years  and has had nothing but great experiences.

Check out Karns Performance or a dealer in your area for the full scoop and Click Here to learn what CF moto has to say. 

By the way, the group put on another 100 plus miles  on Sunday departing the campground and riding south to Cross Forks in Clinton County, then traveled thru Germania and into Tioga county and ended their day back at the camp ground logging another 100 plus miles. Three counties in one day riding legal with a group of good friends and having a blast. Go to the CMATVA website above to learn more and maybe we'll see you out on the trail.

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