Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekend Race Report - Motorama 2018

Well folks, that's another wrap from the folks at Motorama Events. For 40 years they have been kicking off our racing season in style here in central Pennsylvania. It all started back in the day before any of us had ever heard of the term "Arenacross". The owners of Trail-Way Speedway in Hanover, Pa only had one goal in mind and that was to offer the racers of our area a venue to race at in the frigid off season in the great Northeast.

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Fast forward to today and that event has morphed into its current status as the biggest indoor motorsports show on the east coast, maybe even the entire country. Here you can participate in various forms of racing, find products from every aspect of our industry, attend car and bike shows, check out the cool RC Car events and so much more.

Check out our video above for a followup report then please enjoy some images here as well as links to race results and action photos from the event below.

This was the second year the #TRUPA group came to town and put on an exhibition race.

Former Cross Country National Champion Ted Trey would take home the Trike honors 
on both days of racing.

Western Pa's Mike McDade would take the lions share in the expert bike divisions.

Pro racer John Natalie and his crew returned to their home turf to once again race at Motorama.

The quads always offer a great show at this event.

Ryan Friedly (20 KTM) took care of the novice divisions at this years Motorama.

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Spyder and H-D needs.

Andrew Day wins (4) classes on the weekend.

Young Jaden Palmer also took (4) wins home.

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Alta Electric Motorcycle Makes its Arenacross Debut

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