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Velocity Cycle Bike Review - Honda Rebel 500

Ride Review
The Honda Rebel 500
Courtesy of Velocity Cycles
Mechanicsburg, Pa
By: Jim Bull

Well this month I got my wish – yes that ride on Hondas Street Retro the Rebel 500. If you read last months article we tested the 300cc series of bikes from Honda. The 500’s like the 300’s offer different model configurations based on your riding style and preference only with a larger powerplant.

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The last time the staff at Velocity Cycles put me out on the CB300 F or standard as I like to say. That bike shares the same geometry as its cousin the R series but the Rebel understand is a different animal all its own. Honda also offers an Adventure model in this 500 series but that’s a story for a different day.

I started out working in this industry way back in the early 1980’s at a Honda dealership and stayed there for 10 years. During that time Honda introduced the CMX250 or what would become known as the Honda Rebel. I’m not going to tell you what that bike retailed for but let me say this. We sold them by the tractor trailer loads. Honda hit the mark way back then, and after my ride last month I'm here to tell you that they did it again.

The Honda Rebel loved the open roads in the foothills of Pa

Below find some commentary from Honda's website:



The Rebel 500 is a true triple threat: part impressive performance, part minimalist good looks and completely fun to ride. The first thing you’ll notice is its subtle, blacked-out looks. From the compact frame to its low-slung seat, it’s just cool. Once you get on, you’ll know immediately that this bike was meant to be ridden, thanks to an impressive lean angle, and a 471cc parallel-twin engine tuned for middle and upper-rpms. Ride it stock. Trick it out. Either way, this bike just feels right.

I’d have to concur with everything Honda says above. When you swing your leg over this half liter cruiser you can just begin to feel the cool creep through your body. The bike looks great, sits low to the ground and has a just right riding geometry.

Pulling out onto the highway I could immediately notice the difference in power and torque over the 300 series bikes.  As I headed out of Mechanicsburg and up into the foothills I was even more impressed as this cruiser handled the twisty roads very nicely. I wasn’t sure what to expect given the cruiser style frame geometry and different tire and wheel configurations but this half pint cruiser got the job done. It was also a breeze to ride as I worked my way down into the city traffic of Carlisle and made my way back to the shop.

The Rebel was right at home tooling around the city streets

This bike hits the mark. It looks great, is super lightweight and easy to balance. It has nice big disc brakes, electronic fuel injection, a user-friendly gauge package and best of all – it is highly customizable. Both Honda and the aftermarket companies have set their sights on how much we crazy Americans love to make things are own.

If you’re looking for a great bike to get out and cruise I would definitely give this ride a look. Whether you’re an entry level rider looking for your first bike or an experienced veteran looking for a fun and versatile machine. The Honda rebel just might be your best pick.

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